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A Bear Called Paddington
Michael Bond

Animals and nature, Comedy

Paddington is a bear from darkest Peru.  He has to leave because his aunt, who looks after him, has retired.  He comes to England and finds a home with the Brown family, and since then life has been great!

Oscar Toombs, 2RU (2016)


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154 comments on “A Bear Called Paddington

  1. odecruz says:

    i like padington because he is realy cute when he jumps onto the table and stuffs his mouth with cream and jam doughnuts

  2. Chyanne Rodney says:

    Silly things will always be happening to Paddington,like:getting your own foot stuck in a sticky bun or dropping a marmalade sandwich on someone’s head at the opera

  3. hhodge says:

    I liked this book because it was funny and he is really clumsy

  4. Niccolo Miserocchi Choudhury says:

    Paddington is a funny and polite character,he loves marmalade like I do .all the characters are always friendly .my favourite part is when he falls in the tea 🍵🤣😂🤣😂😅😂🤣. It is suitable for all ages