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A Bear Called Paddington
Michael Bond

Animals and nature, Comedy

Paddington is a bear from darkest Peru.  He has to leave because his aunt, who looks after him, has retired.  He comes to England and finds a home with the Brown family, and since then life has been great!

Oscar Toombs, 2RU (2016)


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133 comments on “A Bear Called Paddington

  1. aimam says:

    I think paddington is a really funny book because he’s from the darkest of peru and when he’s in london it’s a disaster he is very weird and thinks he can talk to god but he can’t and i give it five stars and rufus is in it

  2. cnash says:

    Paddington is a great film and a great book

  3. fsmith says:

    A very funny book about a clumsy lost bear in the middle of London when a family take him in and call him Paddington I recommend this to everyone of all ages.

  4. jkrause says:

    i love this book

  5. awilson says:

    This is a wonderful imaginative book with lots of comedy. I recommend this to everyone in the world

  6. tmortensen says:

    When I was 8 I read this book. A bear comes to England when his dad gets killed and his mother is in retirement home. He finds a family who adopes him.

  7. vmendoza says:


    Paddington is a lonely bear on the train station but he gets a new life yay for him.

  8. jsnowdon says:

    I love this book because it is sooooooooooo good and has lots of people who are not doing anything for a long time.????

  9. agugliotta says:

    Its such a great book about a bear who uncle died in a storm and he is left with his grandmother who moves to somewhere else and so the bear travels to England, and finds the Browns who take care of him.

  10. jsolis says:

    From Paddington bear he live in Peru and it was dangerous and I was scarred.But,his uncle died cause he was trap and it was sad.But it was great.

  11. wsholem says:

    PADDINGTON IS A bear that is found on a staiton by a faimly he struggles to fit in.

  12. Joshua Barden says:

    This book is about a bear who goes to London to have a new life

  13. fkirkwood says:

    A funny and exciting book!

  14. dgrindle says:

    paddington lost his parents so he went to london.

  15. dtaylor says:

    There is a bear from darkest peru that has to go away because his aunt retired because of old age.He sneaks onto a boat that will take him England and after that extraordinary journey life has bean excellent.

  16. sgregory says:

    Paddington is so funny I love this book it is my dad’s favourite book and that is not the reason i love this book.

  17. krussell says:

    Paddington is a good book and the movie is also good – it’s really well done and what I really like in the movie is when Paddington was at his own station and the parents saw him just sitting there on his own.

  18. Mr Milne says:

    I love everything about Paddington: in fact, he’s my joint favourite bear along with Winnie the Pooh. I love that Paddington had a ‘Please look after this bear’ label tied around his neck when Mr and Mrs Brown found him at Paddington Station, and that he likes marmalade so much, and that he gets into so many scrapes without ever meaning to; and I love his unfailing politeness and his repertoire of hard stares for use against anyone making too much of a fuss about things. Basically, an extremely nice and fun bear to live with or have as a friend!

  19. rrostam says:

    paddington is very funny i think it is good and bad i like the part when he gows in the bath because evryone gets wat

  20. myislam says:

    I really like this book and because it was a good book I also watch the movie but I thought it was a really good book

  21. trostam says:

    I love this book it’s so cute.Its really funny and such a adventurous story. It always makes me smile. He is a little bear who gets away with everything

  22. tbraganza says:

    It’s great! Slightly random naming from Mrs. Brown though…

  23. kjohnsonagley says:

    I love this book because it is soooooo funny. Paddington just does not understand anything but he is so lovable he gets away with it.

  24. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    A mischievous little bear is evacuated to London and makes all kinds of trouble.A good book to read on holiday

  25. jallen says:

    Is this book the greatest book of all time?

  26. aburgess says:

    I like this book because it is about bear trying to find a home, and shows how people feel about what has happened to them

  27. madom2 says:

    Paddington is such a nice bear to live with.

  28. krussell says:

    I really like this book, because I saw the movie and it tells you some the bit which happens in the book like in the movie Paddington I think he turns up in London I will give this a five star rate funny, and cool.

  29. akeigher says:

    I love this book because it shows action,breath taking sentences and a great family book.

  30. cgray says:

    I really like this book. I don’t want to get in any mess with honey.

  31. rnsudohparish says:

    i love padding it is so funny

  32. tweatherald says:

    I really liked this book.It was funny,cool and weird.I reccamed it to you.

  33. ahall says:

    I liked this book because paddington goes to the stiation

  34. etutton says:

    Paddington is a bear from Darkest Peru who was adopted by the Brown family and unintentionally causes chaos wherever he goes.

  35. ikanarski says:

    Paddington Bear is a really funny book about a bear who has come from the darkest Peru and this book is full of marmalade. Lots and lots of marmalade.

  36. ebarrett says:

    This book is HILARIOUS. I love it.

  37. jmoigboi says:

    This book is really funny and I recommend it to people who like funny books and it’s also interesting

  38. mbrooks says:

    When a earthquake hits his home and only family, Paddington must find a new home in London.

  39. tcarpenter says:

    This book has great character and was so good that people converted it to a film. I like this book because it has loads of comedy and I laughed my head off.

  40. ggonzalezalzate says:

    I like this book. It is fantastic and better than the movie.

  41. lfrancis says:

    This is one of my favourite novels. I read it when I was little./my mum read it to me.still I loved it.

  42. tbraganza says:

    This book is absolutely hilarious! I would recommend it to kids in year 2 or 3. My favourite part – it’s a long time since I read this so it might be in another one in the series – is when Paddington hits Mr Curry’s golf ball onto the train and it goes 9 miles.

  43. agrindle says:

    Paddington is a really funny book but at the beginning it is a bit sad

  44. astrigo says:

    I loved this book, it is funny and interesting.

  45. khale says:

    I love this book because it is good for children to learn words that they never read or heard. kyden hale

  46. cgray says:

    I love this book because he gets in big mess with honey and it is good for people that are reading chapter books.

  47. cgray says:

    I love this book because he gets in big mess with honey and it is good for people that are reading chapter books.

  48. cyeboahkodie says:

    i read this book and i thought it was really funny especially the bit when Paddington was in the shower and the whole entire house flooded.