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A Bear Called Paddington
Michael Bond

Animals and nature, Comedy

Paddington is a bear from darkest Peru.  He has to leave because his aunt, who looks after him, has retired.  He comes to England and finds a home with the Brown family, and since then life has been great!

Oscar Toombs, 2RU (2016)


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154 comments on “A Bear Called Paddington

  1. Henry Roberts says:

    I enjoyed this book. It was funny when the bath overflowed and the map of Peru turned into a sea of foam. It was excellent. And it’s funny that he likes marmalade and tea. That’s not very realistic!

  2. csimmons says:

    My favourite part of this book is when Paddington he’s on the roof and then the granny comes and knocks the bad guy of the building and that’s and then she says something funny

  3. Nathan Callender says:

    I like this book as Paddington is very funny he likes marmalade a lot and this book is really good i think people should read it.

  4. insudohparish says:

    I like this book because it is funny when he falls down the stairs

  5. hcookson says:

    It is very funny because Paddington bear slid down the banister!

  6. mrothwellstopps says:

    I love this book so much it is about they are all happy making marmalade next second there’s a earth quake. Paddigtons uncle dies . and Paddington and Paddington aunty have to leave darkest Peru. The aunty goes to a retire and Paddington goes and finds a lovely family the film is mainly based in the natural history museum

  7. smohamed says:

    Xi love this book and it is awesome you sulk read this book?????????

  8. ssuarez says:

    I love this book because paddington is very funny and fun. I’v read the book and watched it.I think you should read and watch it.

  9. lbailie says:

    This book is very funny and l would be surprised if you have not read it and even more surprised if you have never heard of it.
    Well you most defenetly have heard of it if you are reading this comment because that is what you have clicked on and l am telling you about it.
    It is about a Bear called Paddington who base a horribel neighbour called mr curry who hates him .
    Any way l won’t give any more away .
    If you want to know more you will have to read the book???????????

  10. icatifeoglou says:

    Paddington is a bear he is a brown hair bear he lives with his ante and uncle in darkest Peru

  11. wdixonhitchcock says:

    paddington is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bbigueyapua says:

    I really love this book because it has a very happy funny bear?

  13. hshi says:

    Paddington is a very funny bear :
    he flooded the bathroom and
    he fell on his hat with hot steamy water.
    I like this book.

  14. rtensue says:

    I like this book becuase the bear can speak and he can take cer of his self

  15. lfitzgeraldknight says:

    I like it because he is a funny bear.He flooded the bathroom.

  16. jbarro says:

    I like padinton because it is funny. And it, is very intresting and coparated .

  17. msimmons says:

    Iam witeing about the book becooes it is funny.

  18. rpayton says:

    this book is amazing ilove it

  19. pstanley says:

    the book was about a little bear

  20. nbriggs says:

    I liked it when the lady omast killed panda bear

  21. teldridge says:

    paddington is a funny ber hes a nies ber

  22. gbrown says:


  23. aadelakun says:

    I like this book because I like the bear

  24. dmcevoy says:

    padngt because he iscool

  25. rtensue says:

    I like paddington becuase he is so funy and cut

  26. rmundle says:

    I think it is sweet.

  27. anecea says:

    This book makes me cry.

  28. smohamed says:

    I love this book I think I saw the movie three times and read the book four times this book is amazing. If I could I would recommend it to the whole world!!!!!!!????????.

  29. oridgeway says:

    Paddington is a very sad and adventurous book – the sad bit is
    when his uncle dies in a storm but the good bit is that he finds
    a family.

  30. mbrooks says:

    Who doesn’t love a cute yellow bear in a duffel coat ?! This is a very amusing book and I would recommend it to anyone and EVERYONE :)!

  31. wakrami says:

    this book is fun and exciting good for young people to read and it can be a bit funny and i really like this book and its a good book to read with your family.

  32. mmaccallumhall says:

    I used to love this book when I was little. A friendly funny bear from Peru faces londons wet busy streets.

  33. ibuglione says:

    Darkest Peru bears London altogether equal one of the best children’s books ever

  34. fmckenzieoneill says:

    I can’t belive this is on this list – an incredibly funny family that I would definitely recommend

  35. ebrown says:

    Paddington is a friendly bear who comes to London with high hopes of meeting a professor who taught the bears the human ways.Instead he meets the Brown family who lets him stay with them

  36. jewan says:

    I have seen the movie and at times I feel bad for him but when he’s happy I’m happy

  37. sconteh says:

    The Paddington is a funny exciting book this is a book made with imagination and creativity. I watched the film but I enjoyed the book better.

  38. famin says:

    this book is about a bear called paddington who is whisked away from darkest PERU to the hearts of the brown family this book is great about how when your in deep anything is possible i recomend this book to anyone 6 or over.

  39. rrazabenfahem says:

    This book is amazing because it is really funny He’s a bit silly and that’s what I like.

  40. rbrissett says:

    like paddington because its really funny and I think some more people sould read it.

  41. tnsudohparish says:

    i really enjoy this book. Most of all, it is funny. Paddington’s kind of smart and explores things usually with disastrous consequences.

  42. etutton says:

    I really liked this book because it is really funny. My favourite character is Mrs Bird because she is really clever.

  43. ateweldegebreyesus says:

    paddinton is a bear that lived in the darkest peur.It is also a very funny book

  44. nweatherald says:

    I read this book when i was younger and i really liked it.I liked the part when he was chasing the robber it built a lot of comedy.

  45. dmccormack says:

    i hate this book i think that it is for kids

  46. obates says:

    Great book for storytimes and very amusing.

  47. mrees says:


  48. sbogle2 says:

    I like this book because it has so much adventure and i really really like adventure and i would like it on my shelf

  49. sbogle2 says:

    Its a glorious book well not the part where his parents died in his old home but i love the book so much i would love to read it agin.

  50. rplowman says:

    I love paddington because my name is in it and it is exciting and sometimes moving.