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11 comments on “Anansi the Spider

  1. Marcus Lawrence Toney says:

    Fantastic story! We all enjoyed reading this nightly! Growing up in the Caribbean, we read, heard and loved Anansi stories throughout our childhood so it is good for my children to have my children share these stories. Marcus and his sister really liked the concept of Nyame holding the globe for Anansi to avoid conflict with the brothers.

  2. Hannah Hartland says:

    I thought the book was good. I liked it when all the brothers worked together to help their Daddy. I didn’t like it when the Daddy was in danger. I liked it when the moon was put in the sky.

  3. Mr Ricketts says:

    When I was at school, hearing Anansi stories was part of how we learnt how to behave or rather what not to behave like. Anansi is often trying to get something from other people. Usually he does this through some sort of trick. Sometimes he is successful. At other times he is not. It is always fun to find out which will happen.

  4. llincoln says:

    I really like this book. Anansi the spider is very cunning

  5. acampbell says:

    Have to give this a 5⭐ my Alissa loves this story hasn’t stopped going on since Mr Ellis read to the class Alissa said to me the story of the spider is about family and helping?

  6. Frances Hartland says:

    I liked all of this story, especially when they put the globe of light in the sky. I didn’t like it when they hurt the animals. I thought the sons were kind to save their father and I liked that they all did different things to help.

  7. ibuglione says:


  8. fboyd says:

    I liked when the brothers saved Anansi from the fish.

    Finn Boyd 1IH

  9. Mr Milne says:

    Introduction to an important part of West African and Caribbean folklore – the Anansi stories (Anansi meaning “spider”). I enjoyed this story, which explains why the moon is in the sky, although I’m not sure it’s the best introduction to Anansi. There’s another Anansi story that you might try to find which tells how all the Anansi folklore came to be in the first place and is perhaps a better place to start. Once, when there were NO stories in the world, the tale goes, because they were all (that is, every story that ever had been told, or that ever would be told) being hoarded by the SkyGod, Nyame. Anansi went to Nyame and asked the God to put a price on the stories and Nyame said to Anansi that if he wanted the stories he would have to capture and bring to him a giant python, a powerful leopard and a swarm of vicious hornets. The story tells how Anansi uses his cunning to achieve these seemingly impossible (for a spider!) tasks. I remember hearing a storyteller tell this Anansi story and it has stuck with me.

  10. madom2 says:

    Anansi is a very naughty spider who lives in West Africa

  11. kdouglaslodge2 says:

    Anansi the spider is a good book to read because it’s all about the spider dad who is ill and none of Anansi’s 7 brothers can’t make him better.They all doubt Anansi when he says he can make his dad better because he’s the youngest out of all 8 of them,and he’s got the least powerful power,but in the end his dad gets better not just because of Anansi but because they all worked together.Its also a good book to read because it helps you understand how teamwork helps you in life alot.