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The Diddakoi
Rumer Godden

Action, adventure and romance

Story of an orphaned gypsy living in the English countryside – blurb to follow


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5 comments on “The Diddakoi

  1. gswan says:

    A young traveller girl Kizzy lives in a wagon with her gran and her old horse Joe. She has issues at school because she is different. What will Kizzy do when her Gran dies? Could she find a safe place to live with Joe?

  2. llincoln says:

    This book is very moving . I read it in class last year.

  3. mrothwellstopps says:

    This book is very interesting you would probably remember the book of by heart if you read it several times

  4. astrigo says:

    This book is touching

  5. Mr Milne says:

    A powerful and touching book about a small rural community that is initially hostile to a young Romany girl who is different to them but comes to understand her. Although it is set in times gone by, The Diddakoi covers lots of issues and themes (about growing up, alienation, loneliness, bullying and attitudes to people different to you) that are as important and relevant today as they ever were.