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Anne of Green Gables
Lucy M. Montgomery

Action, adventure and romance

Anne Shirley has a vivid imagination, bright red hair and is forever getting herself into scrapes.   When sent by mistake to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert at Green Gables, Anne is determined to settle in and love her new surroundings.

Frieda Dickson, 6JP (2016)


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10 comments on “Anne of Green Gables

  1. thamilton says:

    Anne is an orphan accidentally sent to Matthew and Marilla . Matthew starts an instant liking to her but it takes a lot of chapters for Marilla to eventually love Anne. I like this book because every chapter is a different story like putting medicine into a cake or getting her friend drunk (by accident of course).

  2. cwebb says:

    I found this book very good and interesting also I like it because it was funny how she makes up names for everything .

  3. llincoln says:

    I enjoyed this book. It is very funny yet it is shocking and sad in some places. Anne doesn’t like the way she looks and always imagines everything beautiful.

  4. astrigo says:

    I love this book so much,it is fun but also grownup due to Mathews death.Annes personality is hilarious.

  5. ibuglione says:

    This is a nice heartwarming book

  6. khenryjackson says:

    i liked this book, my fav part is when she was walking on roofs it was kind of scary and fun its a wonderful story

  7. eswayne says:

    it is has a wonderful story to it and i recommend this book to hetty feather LOVERS because it has the same kind of story to it 🙂

  8. Mr Milne says:

    An absolutely wonderful book. Everyone – the characters in the book and the readers – comes to love sparkling, imaginative, steely, determined, emotional, dreamy Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables). Some of the disasters that befall Anne are among the funniest moments in literature. A book that brings a tear to the eye.

  9. ewhitelaw says:

    I really enjoyed the way this book showed Anne growing up and the changes she goes through. She has lots of disasters!

  10. Agnes Milne says:

    A book about a girl who is always criticising her looks and wishing her life was more romantic while at the sae time getting herself into scrapes…