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Asterix the Gaul
René Goscinny

Action, adventure and romance

Asterix lives in a small Gaul village, but when the Romans invade they find out that his village is not one to be messed with. Join Asterix and Obelix on a thrilling adventure (just remember to bring some roast boar!)

Fred Ives, 4AN (2017)


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47 comments on “Asterix the Gaul

  1. raziz says:

    This is a very exiting book where the Druid gets captured and Asterix has to save him

  2. rmundle says:

    I like this book because its kind of funny.

  3. mpatten says:

    Asterix is one of the best warriors in the only Gaulish village that still holds out against the Roman Empire (with the help of the Druids magical potions wich gives you super human strength). These books are all really funny and interesting for children of all ages!!??

  4. jhawkes says:

    This book is a really good book because it ‘s funny .Also lost’ of drama. The best bit is where they have a great fit. Also it gets a lot funnier.

  5. jhawkes says:

    This book is a really good book because it ‘s funny .Also lost’ of drama.

  6. aharper says:

    I wish I could do what he does!

  7. jmitchell says:

    Astrix is a great way to learn about the celts and Gauls.

  8. hhoughton says:

    I love the book because It is funny. It is one of my favourite books.

  9. fpatten says:

    I think this is a great book with two brilliant and magical characters who venture out into the world solving problems ;beating up Romans;protecting their little village and most importantly eating roast boar. Follow them in their adventures and have fun

  10. mhalkondelgadoalves says:

    I read this book in protégés when I was young and it helped me read a it of protégés not only that but it was fun and full of life. I really enjoyed this book.

  11. mpatten says:

    This a book about a Gaul called Astrix who lives in a small village that is the only place that still holds out against the Romans . Follow Astrix s and his friends on some hilarious adventures.

  12. snolan2 says:

    This book was really funny and interesting because it had lots of people who was really silly and they did some things that was bad but it was really funny so I would like to read this book again

  13. dbaker says:

    I love it because it has everything about history and really good because of the roman and in one ther ear Normans.

  14. jallen says:

    This book is very good if you like comedy and ancient history.My favourite part is they always end up having a giant feast with wild boar.

  15. llincoln says:

    I would recommend this book to everyone. It is great an d very funny.

  16. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    This book is hilarious???

  17. ecoyle says:

    My dad used to read this when he was a kid and he recommended it to me and my sister and I think it is really good.?

  18. psanchezgermain says:

    I love Astrix I have all the books at home

    it’s just hilarious how the Romans could conquer so many countries and they can’t even take over a small village.It’s quite pleasant to read the plans of both the gaul’s and Romans

  19. nfairweather says:

    I really liked this book because I have watched the movie and it was really good and funny ???

  20. icatifeoglou says:

    I like this book beause I have watched the movie??

  21. rhenry says:

    I loved this book. I like when Asterix fights Romans because I don’t like the Romans. I dressed up as Asterix for World Book Day. I like all the Asterix and Obelix books but Asterix and the Falling Sky is the best.

  22. egeach says:

    I loved the book asterix because it is very funny and gives you information on the romans and the Gauls.Every single page will give you a laugh it is one of the best comics I’ve read in a while.

  23. Mr Milne says:

    Wonderful recurring jokes and puns and lots of national stereotypes and caricatures – the Asterix books are great fun but not too politically correct. Asterix the Gaul is the first of the series of more than 30 comics – I think that we’ve got them all on the library bus. I don’t feel feel that I know the rest of the series that well (as a child, I always remember picking up a Tintin book before Asterix) and so look forward to reading them all through as soon as possible!

  24. fives says:

    Asterix lives in a small Gaul village, but when the Romans invade they find out that his village is not one to be messed with. Join Asterix and Obllix on a thrilling adventure (Just remember to bring some roast boar)

    1. Mr Milne says:

      What a fun comment! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve made your review the main blurb about the book on the website.

      Mr Milne

  25. fwojnarowski says:

    I love this book because asterix goes on really crazy adventures and uses the druids magic potion.

  26. dmcevoy says:

    i theis book because is fueu

  27. dmcevoy says:

    i lak the book because is funee

  28. lgordon says:

    Asterix is an amazing book to read and it is really funny and fantastic so start reading.

  29. jdebersignyrozler says:

    This is a great book about Asterix and Obelix and friends.Its very funny and one of the best comics ever.I’ts about a two Gauls in a village that are surrounded by a roman camp that are surrounded by a roman camp.Luckily,their freind Getafix brews a potion of ultimate strength that helps them on their journeys.This a great book for any age.

  30. tiwatafurlonger says:

    This was the first Asterix I ever read and I LOVED it.I read the the whole thing at home whilst I was ill.I found it so funny to and the same as the other comment I wish the magic potion was real.I’m now reading another Asterix and i’m still loving it.

  31. fbickley says:

    Asterix is amazing to read at home get off your couch and start reading this fantastic book

  32. fmckenzieoneill says:

    sublime in comedy,exquisite in action a great all-rounder for the family.

  33. swood says:

    Asterix and his best friend Obelix are two Gauls that live in a tiny village that is surrounded by Roman camps. Luckily for them, their friend Getafix brews a magic potion for them that gives them super-human strength. A great book for everyone.

  34. cquraishinash says:

    me love dis book no need to talk (=ITS ASOMEEEEEEEEE! I wish getafix’s magic potion was real.

    . .
    ( – ) chubby cheeks.

  35. jallen says:

    This book is a very funny because it is the Romans geting really angry at each outher

  36. stsugitavieira says:

    Very funny I hardly ever stop giggling because the Romans always get beaten up!

  37. cburgess says:

    i think it is a realy good and funny book to read.

  38. rdraper says:

    Asterix is a cunning warrior but the book would not be finished without oberlix his fat friend.

  39. rmarujo says:

    asterix is one of my favourite book because it is quite funny.

  40. madom2 says:

    Asterix had such amazing adventures with his friends.

  41. akeigher says:

    I like the Asterix books. I’ve read a lot of the books from the series and I’ve never got bored or stopped laughing.

  42. jlaidlaw says:

    Classic, the first out of a classic series.

  43. trostam says:

    I love this book it is amazing it is so funny. The little man is so funny because he is always grumpy.

  44. edakouri says:

    A very funny book to read

  45. areidwright says:

    I thought that it was realy funy!