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Audio Books

Listen to podcasts of the 100 books read by teachers and parents

We plan to create an audio recording of each of the 100 books, read by teachers, parents and grandparents, which will be available as podcasts on the website.  

The process for recording a book is quite straightforward but, for the longer books, will of course require time and patience.  All that is needed is a quiet space to work, a computer and a microphone (which we will provide).  

The audio books will open up the full 100 books to all our students, many of whom love listening to audio recordings. We also hope that the recordings will be available to students for many years to come and so effort made will bring a big reward.

Instructions on recording a podcast

Sign up to record podcast

Contact Mr Milne to volunteer to record a podcast. Check the link below to choose a book.

Audio book list