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Annette Tison, Talus Taylor

Picture books

Barbapapa was born in a garden, just like a flower.  He can take any form. He is very nice, everybody likes him – blurb to follow.


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66 comments on “Barbapapa

  1. ahall says:

    I like this book because barbapa is really funny and fat

  2. jislam says:

    I like the book barbapa because it is really funny and I love there personalities.My fav one is the make up one she loves lipstick.??????????????????????????

  3. mrobinprevallee says:

    Incredible book about fun,adventures and saving people. I have always loved this book and I would recomend this book for anyone

  4. kdouglaslodge says:

    I like Barbarpapa because he transforms into different things to make people happy and to save people’s life.

  5. kclarke says:

    This is a masterpiece of literature. It is a funny book about a family who live in their friend’s garden and have four amazing adventures. My favourite of the series is when they try to find a new house because their first house is too small and their second is destroyed, so they must struggle to build and defend their newfound home. It also contains wonderful illustrations.

  6. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I love this book my favourite child is maybe the red one.

  7. kmacmillanhitchman says:

    I don’t know that it means candy floss in French because I love baba papa

  8. snolan2 says:

    Barbara’s was really silly book and it was a great book and it really is a really nice French book

  9. kgravil says:

    Barbapapa is a good shapeshifter I love how he can do anything

  10. fpatten says:

    I love barbapa’s shape shifting moves and I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a laugh and a bit of a imagination and is in Ks1

  11. rrostam says:

    I love the kid that loves sports and it’s so funny.

  12. risaacs says:

    I love the kid how loves sport

  13. mjohnson says:

    This is so good I love it because Barbara is so cute!!!!

  14. kgravil says:

    It is a very good book because barbapapa can shapeshift into anything

  15. ecoyle says:

    I love this book it is sooooooo funny,?

  16. llincoln says:

    I liked this book because all of them can shape-shift.

  17. Oscar Freeman says:

    It was sad when he didn’t have any friends, I wanted his family to be there. But he saved all the people and the firemen were too late!

  18. Henry Roberts says:

    This is really good. Barbapapa is helpful. He saves some people from a fire by stretching himself to make stairs. It’s clever that he can change shape. My favourite bit was when the machines lost the fight and didn’t knock down the building. I liked that it was in French.

  19. aroberts says:

    I liked when he helped everybody. In the zoo, he tried to make friends, but the animals didn’t want to.

  20. bruby says:

    i enjoid this wen madamezell red this book to my class so i borowed it. the story is abowt barbapapa chainjing shaip. it is written in french.

  21. eroberts says:

    Barbapapa is a shape changer and he’s very nice to people and tries to make them happy. I like this book because it is happy at the end and he saves people.

  22. beliza says:

    I liked it that Barbapapa found a friend in the end. I like it because Barbapapa can change shape. It was sad at the start but happy at the end.

  23. Mr Milne says:

    Adventures of a friendly and gentle, candyfloss-pink, species of shape-shifter, grown out of the soil like a plant – I think it would be nice if there were some barbapapas living in London!

  24. rpayton says:

    so funny so good so cool

  25. insudohparish says:

    I like this book because it is funny when it is on the ground

  26. mmaccallumhall says:

    This book is very magical and the shape shifting barbapa is a great character

  27. gbrown says:


    1. astrigo says:

      What do you mean by LOL? Is it a good LOL or a bad LOL?

  28. snolan says:

    i luft this book bcos is funee

  29. keley says:

    Well,Barbapapa is very kind and he desvers reward.

  30. ibuglione says:

    I didn’t really like this book when I first read it but it has grown on me a little but not a lot

  31. wsimwogerere says:

    I have read Barbapapa and i like how he seems enviromental friendly to me

  32. nbentham says:

    This is a really fun book about a pink shape shifter.This book is magical.I really loved this book because its really creative and imaginative.

  33. nludewick says:

    I absoloutly LOVE this book because it is really fun and any one can enjoy it. I also love it because it is just simply wonderful and creative.

  34. dmccormack says:

    barbapa is the best book to read it is 5 star

  35. leldridge says:

    I am not a massive fan of this book but it is very fun and weird in a good way .

    It is a book about a shape shifter who helps people and makes himself a family.It is also sad and my mothers favourite book.

    1. ibuglione says:

      I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee looooooooolllllllllooo

  36. fsmith says:

    It is a classic French book. It is so good because I like it how he can turn into different shapes. I wish he was my pet.

  37. jewan says:

    Because it was so fun to watch and read

  38. dgrindle says:

    Barbapa can tern into enething inclouding anmls a famle loucs ufter him.

  39. oboakye says:

    l like this because its french

    lt is amazing

  40. madom2 says:

    Barbapa is a amazing at shape shifting and he is very nice.

  41. cwitchell says:

    I like this book. It is about a shapeshifter that was born in a garden. There is also animations about it. I like the animation more because it is French and it is easyer to understand what’s going on and the book is hard to understand.

  42. rbrissett says:

    I love this book because it is French.

  43. rbrissett says:

    I love this book.

  44. tkildare says:

    BARBAPAPA is such a good book and so so so so so amazing. BARBAPAPA was born shaped as a Flower.

  45. tkildare says:

    BARBAPAPAis such a good book and so so so so so amazing. BARBAPAPA was born shaped as a Flower.

  46. myeboahkodie says:

    Barbapapa is an amazing book you can see it if you read it or if you have read it or if you have seen it.Read it and imagine yourself transforming into anything you want to be by the beat of a bang

  47. myeboahkodie says:

    Barbapapa was born in a garden just like a flower.
    He can take any form witch means he can transform into anything but he will still be pink.

  48. edakouri says:

    A very funny and very crazy book to read

  49. ennaebue says:

    i like it

  50. ebarrett says:

    I found this book quite funny to by honest and I recommend it to everyone.