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Beast Quest
Adam Blade



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12 comments on “Beast Quest

  1. egrant says:

    I love this book because Tom goes on a adventure to get a amulet

  2. ymulugetta says:

    I Like this book because it has lots of fun,adventure and cool jernees 100000000000000000000/10000000000000000000000000000000000 billion

  3. fcranston says:

    this book is very amusing because it is very action packed!

  4. jhawkes says:

    I love this book because this boy has really good adventures around the country

  5. aimam says:

    I love Beast Quest because Malvel has cursed beast and only one boy. Has to uncursed them

  6. rrostam says:

    I like best quest because I like Inventures

  7. ahall says:

    This book is fun because the characters go on quests together. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure stories.

  8. wpowell says:

    Best book for all adges

  9. lgrillorodriguez says:

    This is an adventures book that will blow your mind it is about a boy who has a normal life but then is chosen to be the defender of Avantia.Can he fight of ferno the fire dragon.

  10. fpatten says:

    I found the beast quests a bit repetitive

  11. rrostam2 says:

    I like this book because of the adventures and fighting

  12. gwilsonlitt says:

    I don’t think I would like beast quest now but when I liked it I thought It was the best book ever.??