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9 comments on “Demon Dentist

  1. Niccolo Miserocchi Choudhury says:

    demon dentist is a scary and funny book :-0 about a kid who gets loads of dentist appointments and,as everyone hates the dentist , he hides them(that’s what I would do 🙂 ) and then a social worker comes and Alfie(the boy) finds her annoying at first.When Alfie is at school there is a girl called Gabz and she finds out that every kid that puts their teeth under their pillows they get something horrible like an old man’s toe .so Alfie takes out the sweet shop owner Raj’s tooth out and puts it under his bed .Guess what he got ….. A PIG’S EYEBALL!!!!!!!! Raj and Alfie’s dad are there and they figure out tyhat the person who put the eyeball must have been in the bungalow .walliams is the new roald dahl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. odecruz says:

    i like this book because it is gross when you see all the bloody teeth. it is quite exiting when she steals all the teeth from the childrens pillows and keeps them in her layer

  3. hhodge says:

    I like this book because it is really funny and I like it because it is a good book because it is really detailed. But I have not finish it yet

  4. mspence says:

    Dimond dentist mite give you nitemars🤑

  5. nwaters says:

    I love this book becuase of how the dentist is evil and how at the end the kids invaded and she try’s to take every ones teeth out 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

  6. iaranju says:

    Demon dentist is a book full of ways why children should brush there teeth. Alfie is a boy who treats his teeth like rubbish. His dad is a retired miner. All those years of mining made his lungs weaker while he was aware of his condition he continued working down the mine affected him until he collapsed

  7. nborg says:

    I think Demon dentist is a great book because it is very funny at times and i😍 it

  8. jreed says:

    i enjoyed this book because the demon dentist puts a pigs eye ball under a boy called Alfie’s pillow when he lost his tooth. and i liked the demon dentist’s toothpaste recipe which goes like this, cat sick ,wart shavings ,bat snot, pus ,slug juice and spider leg1

  9. jreynolds says:

    I read this book and it was about a boy that had bad teeth and he lived with his dad who was very sick and is in a wheelchair (he didn’t have a mum). A new dentist comes to his school who is really a witch and she takes out all his teeth! Alfie has a friend who is a girl called Gabz and there is also a woman called Winnie who tries to look after him and make him go to the dentist (a social worker) and she wears really bright clothes and rides a little moped. At the end his dad dies in the mine where the witch lived which made me feel sad for Alfie but there is a happy ending because he gets a new mum and dad with Winnie who ends up marrying Raj from the sweet shop.