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Shirley Hughes

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I have been reading this book all my life. My whole family love it. My favourite bit is the ending. Dave’s big sister does something really kind.

Ruby Baxter, RKG (2017)


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56 comments on “Dogger

  1. Hannah Hartland says:

    This is my favourite book because I would like Dogger too. I found it sad when the little girl bought Dogger and didn’t give him back to Dave. I liked it when Bella asked the little girl to give Dogger back to Dave. She was a kind big sister.

  2. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    I love my giraffe as much as this boy loves Dogger.

  3. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I think that this book is a bit sad because he losses his best toy but it’s also happy because he gets it back.

  4. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    I love this book and its pictures. It makes you so worried though when you see Dogger is on the toy stall, and it’s brilliant when they do the swap to get him back.

  5. Ms Griffiths says:

    Mason says that he likes it when dogger got lost because he got found again.
    Elias says he liked it when Bella found Dogger again.
    Anaya – I liked it when Bella did something so kind to the girl that took Dogger.
    Faris – I liked it when they got Dogger back.
    Nell – I liked it when the little girl gave Dogger back.
    Noah – I liked it when they went back to the school.
    Baxter – I liked it when they found Dogger.
    Eva – I liked it when the girl gave it back to the boy.
    Elsie – I liked it Bella gave her teddy to Dave.
    Xanthei – I liked when the girl gave it back to Dave and they passed it along.
    Khalid – I liked it when the big girl gave the toy to the little girl.
    Ella – I liked it when Bella was doing gymnastics on the bed

  6. Leo Trelfer says:

    Leo, aged 4.
    I didn’t like it when Dave lost Dogger, it made me sad. It reminded me when I lost Simba when I went to Romania a long time ago.
    I liked it when Bella gave the teddy to the little girl, it was a very nice thing to do.
    I liked the end when Dave got Dogger back.

  7. Eva Unsworth says:

    The pictures are very complicated.
    I liked it when they got dogger back, it was very sweet of the girl to give it back.

  8. Ava Atkins says:

    I like that it has a happy ending.

  9. Zac Blackwell says:

    Good. I liked it when Dogger got lost and then found. It was nice of the girl to give her teddy to the grumpy girl.
    It was all good.

  10. Frederick Magkiriadis says:

    We really enjoyed reading this book together and that Dave got his favourite soft toy back.

  11. Ms Griffiths says:

    Noah said Dogger got lost. Leo said he was on sale.

  12. ameyricrothstein says:

    Beautiful book to read. lovely illustrations too.

  13. rrostam says:

    I like dogger because he finds his dog at the end and good for all ages

  14. kruh says:

    An excellent fun family read for all ages☺️☺️???

  15. nbraganza says:

    I like this book because Dave finds Dogger in the end

  16. hwunsche says:

    When I was little I loved this book. It’s brilliant.

  17. rrostam says:

    I like this because at the end he gets a really cute pet

  18. claque says:

    Dogger is about a toy dog with one ear up and one ear down. Dogger is lost and missed terribly. He turns up at the school fair where his usually annoying sister Bella shows how much she actually cares about her brother. I like this book because it is emotional.

  19. llincoln says:

    A great book. Dave loses his much loved teddy but his sister gives up her giant teddy for it.

  20. Ms Fee says:

    Hughes creates such beautiful, warm stories – this was a firm family favourite when I was growing up!

  21. ecoyle says:

    I love love love this book it is my life I have read it at least once a month ever since I was a baby me and my mum love it sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

  22. Henry Roberts says:

    I kind of liked Dogger. It’s about a boy who loses his favourite toy and then his sister swaps her big teddy for it and gets it back. It’s a bit of a sad story but then the end is happy. I liked it when Dave got Dogger back. My favourite bit was the school fair because there were cakes.

  23. Molly Duffy says:

    This book makes me a bit sad when they loose Dogger but the ending is good when they go to the fete and get it back. My mum loves this book and remembers it from when she was a little girl too.

  24. Caleb Ng Hong Ti says:

    A very sad story, I don’t like to lose my favourite toy

  25. Sophie Nagel says:

    I liked it because the sister was sharing her toy and the pictures were beautiful. And because he liked his dog

  26. djaiden says:

    I liked it when his sister swapped her big teddy for Dogger. That was nice. I do nice things for my sister too.

  27. bruby says:

    I have been reading this book all my life. My whole family love it. My favourite bit is the ending. Dave’s big sister does something really kind.

    1. Mr Milne says:

      What a lovely comment Ruby! I hope you won’t mind if I make this the main blurb about Dogger on the website… Mr Milne

  28. mmaccallumhall says:

    Great childhood tale .

  29. eroberts says:

    Dogger got lost and I was worried in that part. He was taken to a school sale, and bought by another child. Dave was very sad, but his big sister gave one of her teddy bears (because she had lots), and got Dogger back. I like this story because Dogger was found.

  30. dmolly says:

    I get a bit sad when dogger gets sold, but it is an excellent story!

  31. eburianova says:

    I so like this book because a teddy gets lost and sold!A girl takes him.as teddy back!What would you feel like if you lost a teddy?

  32. rflynn says:

    I love this book. I read it first in year 3 and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  33. achesterman says:

    This was my mum’s favourite book when she was young.

  34. iwhitelaw says:

    I like this book because Bella has loads of teddies in her bed, and she is really nice and does a kind thing for her brother.

  35. keley says:

    Very heart warming and easy ???

  36. ablackburncave says:

    I like this book because it is kind of sad and kind of happy because he finds his dog in the end but he loses it at the start, which i bet is very sad for him because he lost his favourite dog and its his special dog, so really sad actually and a tiny weeny bit happy

  37. bplowman says:

    Dogger is a little teddy and he gets lost and got sold in a car-boot sale and he gets bought but Dave Doggers owner is annoyed because Dogger got sold and his sister got money from a competition and, to the rescue she bought Dogger back. My favourite character is Dogger because he is very cute and my favourite bit is when he does try to buy Dogger back but he only has 3p.

  38. zolafa says:

    I think this book is good

  39. rsholem says:

    I loved it,becuse Dogger is the cutesd teddy ever

  40. jwilloughby says:

    I like it because he gets his teddy back

  41. fmckenzieoneill says:

    amazing brilliant and all because of the little,little Dogger.

  42. fives says:

    This is a funny book about a small boy who takes his toy dog everywhere but chaos occurs when he loses his toy and he won’t rest until it’ till its found.

  43. hheyhoetedstone says:

    i foud lots of twis and te4rs in this book but i realy like it

  44. glincoln says:

    I like dogger because it is about friendship and a dog that gets lost in a fair then a girl byes him but then his sister get s it back

  45. Mr Milne says:

    My family has somehow ‘missed’ Dogger and it is good finally to have come across it as part of the Rosendale 100 books. I can’t help noticing that for so many people the mention of Dogger evokes very warm memories. It’s easy to imagine how a young person could experience all the raw emotions in Dogger – something for future grandchildren perhaps!

  46. fboyd says:

    I liked that Bella gave her teddy to the little girl. This is a good book.

    Finn Boyd RBH July 2016

  47. mjohnson says:

    I REALLY liked this book.It’s a good book. It is when a boy called Dave loses his toy dog called Dogger While getting a ice cream.Then at The School Fair he finds Dogger at the toy sale,But Dogger is bought by a little Girl.Is Dave going to get Dogger back?

  48. dsampson says:

    This book is quite sad because a boy loses his teddy called dogger at a fair.Happily he found him at the end

  49. dreynolds says:

    Dave loved Dogger so much that he takes him wherever he goes.But one day Dogger gets lost can Dave sort it out before its to late?

  50. tbraganza says:

    This book is quite sad, especially when the girl buys Dogger from the stall. It was really good as well though. Long may it continue to be enjoyed by little kids like my baby sister.