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Emil and the Detectives
Erich Kästner

Action, adventure and romance

A book in which the children manage to sort things out just fine without interference from grown ups – blurb to follow


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14 comments on “Emil and the Detectives

  1. areidwright says:

    Really good and funny

  2. llincoln says:

    kid detectives solve the mystery all by them selves.It shows you that kids can do the same things as adults.

  3. cwitchell says:

    I watched the play of this book and I have a tee shirt if it but I can’t really remember what happens.

  4. astrigo says:

    I recommend this book if you like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five

  5. zbates says:

    amazing detective work kids!

  6. obates says:

    I love this book. I especially like how the kids managed to solve the mystery WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ADULTS!!!!
    It’s a really a good book for reading for reading with a torch under the bed covers because it makes you a detective yourself, keeping everything secret. You can also be a detective for your parents when they discover The Mystery Of Why The Torch Doesn’t Work This Morning.

  7. mboguslawska says:

    I love this book it is full of drama and excitement. I recormend this book for everyone because it is really interesting.

  8. alamido says:

    i love this book it is so good i recomend it for all ages because it is full of drama

  9. fpatten says:

    This book is a great intense mystery were you just cant put the book down. It is filled with kids grouping together and defeating the big bad grownups who steal.

  10. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I liked this book because it’s very funny at times. Good book to read if you’re a fan of the famous five.

  11. mpatten says:

    I can’t remember much about this book but I really enjoyed reading it as well as watching the play and found it rather gripping.

  12. Mr Milne says:

    A great adventure, with wonderful camaraderie among the children (the ‘detectives’), gently poking fun at adults and officials along the way.

  13. tluppi says:

    I Loved reading this book. It was set out perfectly and I started reading “Emil and the 3 twins” ( 4 star (not as good)) Although I may have spotted a spelling mistake or two in my edition!