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10 comments on “First Term at Malory Towers

  1. hhodge says:

    I liked this book because it was funny because the girl that moved there fell in the swimming pool and pretended that she couldn’t hear and tried to miss french because she said it was boring

  2. rmundle says:

    I hate this book because its boring

  3. rboamah says:

    I am reading a sample of it and so far it is great. It is about a girl called Darrel Rivers who goes to a boarding school. She is two terms behind her classmates but soon starts making friends.

  4. sashley says:

    Malory towers is a book about people going to university and I love it and recommend

  5. sashley says:

    It was very good and I love it ??

  6. sanderson says:

    I like this book because when she to boarding school and she got annoyed by the rest of the girls because they brush their hair 100 times

  7. ecoyle says:

    I remember my sister going to the bookshop and being recommended this book she got it, read it and loved it! She eventually finished the series and than recommended it to me and I love it as much as she does!❤️?

  8. imeager says:

    I love it how her sister does not want her to leave. ❤️ I love it.

  9. Ms Fee says:

    I read and re-read these so much as a child – my older sister had the whole series. It’s great fun following the adventures of a group teenagers as they move up through school. And of course the boarding school setting allows lots of time for mischief and pranks!

  10. ecoyle says:

    This is a really good book I loved reading it, every so often I like quick reads.??