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Five on a Treasure Island
Enid Blyton

Action, adventure and romance

The first of 21 adventures for the Famous Five: Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) and their dog Timmy – blurb to follow


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18 comments on “Five on a Treasure Island

  1. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    The best adventure!

  2. nbraganza says:

    I really like Timmy the dog because he helps them and goes on the adventure with them and they are trying to stop two men from buying their island

  3. ameyricrothstein says:

    4 children go to there cousin house and find peculiar things.

  4. rhirt says:

    I liked this book because it is full of adventure all that includes excitement . It is inspiring how four children and their dog can solve so many mysteries.

  5. rhirt says:

    It is an adventurous story about four children and their dog.In this book they race two men to the treasure which makes a really exciting book.I liked it because they include the dog who helped them in return for their own help to him.

  6. mrothwellstopps says:

    I really enjoy reading the famous five books they are really interesting

  7. efuller says:

    This was an a breath taking adventure which I will never forget .

  8. wmortensen says:

    It is the first of 21 adventures that George, Julian, Dick and Anne and Timmy the dog have been on.

  9. tgray says:

    I love this book and all the other famous five books it’s a great adventure.

  10. Mr Milne says:

    When we ran the survey to pick the 100 books, Enid Blyton was the second most recommended author (after Roald Dahl). Her 762 books have sold in huge numbers for nearly 100 years (600 million books translated into 90 languages). And she was born in East Dulwich! There has been criticism of her books for outdated attitudes that they’re said to contain (Five on a Treasure Island was written 75 years ago) – but I think you should read them and make up your own mind. (Blyton’s own response to her critics, by the way, was that she was uninterested in the views of anyone over the age of 12!) This is the first of the `Famous Five’ series of books, setting the scene and introducing Julian, Dick, Ann, their cousin `George’ and Timmy. The children are polite and well-spoken and kind to each other and they all like their mums!’ The adventures generally involve secret passages, various nasty pieces of work up to no good (I’ve often thought that the children are very brave in taking on all these baddies), jolly farmers’ wives baking cookies and selling the children fresh milk, and an uncouth and ill-mannered child that the they befriend and turn into a better person. Enid Blyton presents a straightforward and easy to understand world and it’s relaxing and fun to read.

  11. rplowman says:

    famous 5 is a really good book and impossible to put down. It is interesting and has lots of adventures.

  12. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    This book is very cool because it’s about children detectives trying to save Gorge’s [Georgina[tom boy]] island. But it’s not very easy. Will they go to the island?if so how will they get there?

  13. fkirkwood says:

    the mystery grows thicker as they set sail to a strange Iland…

  14. tbraganza says:

    This book is very old fashioned but epic. My favourite part is when Julian explores the wreck.

  15. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed this book because it is a adventure story and I like adventure stories

  16. lfrancis says:

    This is an awesome book about 5 children who go exploring on a treasure island and they stay for a while and see epic things.

  17. ebarrett says:

    I found this book adventurous, amazing and very cool. I would have loved to go on all the adventures that they went on.

  18. mlopezbaxe says:

    I really liked this book when I read it because it’s full of adventures and exiting things. Marta