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Gangsta Granny
David Walliams



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51 comments on “Gangsta Granny

  1. nwaters says:

    I love gangsta granny becuase the boy and he pretends he loves to dance but messed up. And the parents let him go to his granny.

  2. nborg says:

    I love this book because it’s very funny and it is one of the best book I’ve read my favourite bit is when granny does naked yoga

  3. Chyanne Rodney says:

    Gangster granny tries to steal the jewel crown while her grandson says that he is a pro at dancing………….. but finds himself doing it like a baby……………..PS DAVID WALLIAMS is not my favourite author

  4. thamilton says:

    This book is very funny . Ben is bored when he comes to his granny but when he finds out her secret everything changes.

  5. amitchell says:

    I loved this book and my favourite part was when Granny did her naked yoga.🧘‍♀️❤️

  6. nwaters says:

    I like gangsta granny because she has so much diamonds and she
    Loves to get valuable stuff and they tried to steal the crown

  7. raziz says:

    Gangster Granny one of those books that keeps your eyes glued to the words 👀😄

  8. skirkwood says:

    I liked the way he finds out that his granny is a gangster.He looks in the biscuit tin and finds that it is full of diamonds 💎 and jewels 💎

  9. Niccolo Miserocchi Choudhury says:

    It is a very cunning book that will make you think about what is going to happen next

  10. ograham says:

    I read this book when I was a little bit younger. I enjoyed it. I found it funny. But David Walliams is not one of my favourite authors.

  11. lnalubwama says:

    This book is a Funny and adventurous story. I will recommend this book for children 5 and 7

  12. rmundle says:


  13. rnsudohparish says:

    This book is really good and I like about the bit when they steal the Crown Jewels

  14. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I LOVE this book. Ben is one of the only kids (in a book) that loves plumbing that I know. It is extremely sad how the Granny dies, that bit is sad but it is really funny at the end when the QUEEN pulls up skirt showing Union Jack!!!! I would recommend this book for anyone:-).

  15. aharper says:

    It is very funny!

  16. rmundle says:

    I LOVE this book because its funny when granny is a robber

    1. rmundle says:


  17. dreynolds says:

    One of the funniest books ever! I really can’t get over granny’s secrets and the thing is,she farts every time she takes a step!!!??

  18. kdouglaslodge says:

    I love this book because of the fun epic adventures him and his granny have.I liked the bit were the granny’s doing naked yoga.???

  19. dreynolds says:

    This book is SO funny because Ben hates going round to his Granny’s and he later finds out his Granny is a gangster and at the end he finds out she’s just pretending. MEGA LOLS!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????? in

  20. dreynolds says:

    This book is SO funny because Ben hates going round to his Granny’s and he later finds out his Granny is a gangster and at the end he finds out she’s just pretending. MEGA LOLS!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????

  21. glincoln says:

    This is a hilarious book when there is a really cool granny.

  22. hcookson says:

    I liked this book because I never thought that there would be a robber gangsta granny and it was very fun when Ben climbed out of the window.

  23. nbraganza says:

    Gangsta granny is very funny because he says to his mum and dad that he is dancing when he is actually with his granny

  24. rhirt says:

    I think that this book is showing a way for grandma to spend more time with their grandchildren.A story you must read.

  25. jmitchell says:

    Gangster Granny is a great book and is full of adventure also a sent of

  26. mhalkondelgadoalves says:

    This is a really good book and I would recommend it to anyone the fact granny did all that for her grandson was great I really enjoyed it.

  27. csimmons says:

    This is such a good book because once you start to read it you won’t want to stop

  28. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I love this intriguing book I like the part where they steal the Crown Jewels.My favourite part was when the Ben finds out she’s not a gangster.

  29. emcinerney says:

    Gangsta Granny is a really good book it is about a boy called Ben who goes around his boring grandma’s house every weekend he soon discovers that his grandma is not the boring ordinary grandma that Ben thought she was it turns out she is a master jewelry thief

  30. schatzinikolaou says:

    gangsta granny is an great book to read because it funny and shows that she not only an granny but shes an gangsta granny.

  31. nraganabashtaqi says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious book. It is all about a young boy and his granny and they decide to make the ultimate heist … Stealing the crown -jewels ??? any way if you want to know more you’re just gonna have to read this incredible book?

  32. ejackson says:

    I like this book because I have the CD and I have listened over and over and over it and I also Rebecca it

  33. mjohnson says:

    This is such a good book because grannies don’t usually do robbery on the queen’s Jewls!!!!!!

  34. mznak says:

    A good book . Read it if you can and if you have read it read awful auntie .

  35. dgebrehiwet says:

    I like it because of the rubing the sweet

  36. fnkwocha says:

    I like this book because the character of the granny is fabulously outrageous!I mean who has a granny who attempts to steal the Crown Jewels with there grandson. The best part of the book is when Ben had to dance in front of everyone.


  37. jallen says:

    This book is a really good book because you will just want to read on so read it now!!!!!!!!!

  38. bdavies says:

    This is one of my favourite David Walliams books because is really funny and the story is quite ridiculous.

  39. kmahmood says:

    Now this is comedy. If you read this you will be LOL all day.

  40. mpatten says:

    When Ben visits his granny’s he finds she is not as boring as she always seemed and they plan an amazing jewels theft!

  41. abrooks says:

    I liked this book because it was funny and cool

  42. abrooks says:

    I liked this book because it was funny

  43. rfrench says:

    Ben loves plumbing but not much else,like dancing,school and especially his granny.Little does Ben know,his granny has a very special secret.

  44. fpatten says:

    This is a great story with a granny keen to impress her grandson by attempting to get the Crown Jewels.This is a good book and anyone should give a go at reading it.

  45. rrostam2 says:

    Love the David William books they are hilarious

  46. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    When Ben visits his granny he is board of playing scrabble and eating cabbage soup so is suprised to find out that his granny once was a jewel thief!

  47. fsmith says:

    This book is exstreamly funny and cool. It is about a boy and his granny who

    1. fsmith says:

      who is a world class thief. I was trying to say

  48. mchangbrown says:

    I like this book and I recommend this book to people who like funny and exciting stories my favourite part was when the grandma makes Ben eat the cabbage soup.?

  49. ecoyle says:

    This is a extremely funny book just like all of the David Walliam books,???