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Goodnight Mr Tom
Michelle Magorian

Action, adventure and romance

It is World War Two and Willie Beech – abused by his wanton mother – is evacuated from London to live in the countryside with Mr Tom.  As the young boy starts to crack open Mr Tom’s stone heart, and Mr Tom shows Willie kindness that he has never known, his insane mother falls ill and calls him back to London…

Rhys Webb, 6JP (2016)


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11 comments on “Goodnight Mr Tom

  1. mpatten says:

    When the grumpy Mr Tom recivese a ww2 evacuee from London-the abused and scared Willie (William) Beech- he begins to learn to enjoy life more after the death of his son and wife almost twenty years ago. Then, just as the begins to settle in and adjust to their peaceful and happy life together, Williams insanely religious mother falls ill and calls him back to London …….

  2. estatham says:

    I really think this is a exiting book and it’s tense and dangerous.I really think it is a good book to read for 9 year olds and older.No younger!

  3. rboamah says:

    This story is about a boy called William (Willie) Beech. It is world war two and Willie is evacuated to the countryside where he stays with Mr Tom whose wife sadly died. (Mr Tom’s only comfort is a dog until William arrives). Slowly, they start to develop a relationship which adds colour to their world. If you haven’t got a copy, go get one now! It’s amazing.

  4. fsmith says:

    This book is a touching story about a elderly man who has a visit by a lady with a boy at her feet the man who’s name is mr Tom takes the boy in called Willie. The boy expects to be beaten like his mum did but no Mr Tom isn’t like his mum.

  5. mrothwellstopps says:

    I love this book it is quite sad at the end. It is about a boy who is evacuated from his mum and goes to live with a old man who lives in the village

  6. Mr Milne says:

    Eight-year-old Willie Beech, downtrodden and abused by his mother, is evacuated to the countryside in World War II and billeted with curmudgeonly widower Mr Tom Oakley. Both are dispirited and lonely and, step by step, they develop a touching relationship that enables them to see and enjoy the world anew.

  7. Fran Juckes says:

    Even though this is a book that made me really sad at times, I love it – it is one my favourites and I have read it again and again. Its about a young refugee from London who is evacuated to the countryside to stay safe while bombs rain down on London. In the first chapter William Beech arrives at the house of Mr Tom, who at first seems like a grumpy old man who doesn’t understand children at all. Both William and Tom have had sadness in their lives, but being brought together by chance changes both their lives forever.
    This book reminds me of the stories my mum told me about being sent to cornwall to stay safe during WW2 and the freedom she felt being in the countryside after growing up in a city.
    Definitely to be recommended!

  8. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    A bit of a bad start but once you have read a bit it’s great. Can William find his way to MR. Toms heart? One day William and his friends find a hut . Apparently it’s haunted…

  9. ewhitelaw says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book although it’s quite sad because it’s about a refugee going to stay with Mr Tom he’s nervous but it’s a happy ending.

  10. rosieunwin says:

    I absolutely loved Goodnight Mr Tom. It is quite a sad book because it’s about a boy who moves away from his family to live in the countryside with someone he has never met before because of World War 2. However, it turns out the man he lives with whilst seeming a bit grumpy is actually very kind. As the book goes on the boy and the old man grow closer and come to rely on each other and form a family together. The book made me cry in parts but also made me smile even more. I would strongly recommend this book.

  11. risaacs says:

    I really enjoyed this book, because Willie managed to cheer Mr Tom up. Mr Tom did not know how to look after children. Willie was surprised when he found out he had a dad because he thought he did not have one.Ruairi.