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Greek Myths
Geraldine McCaughrean

Folk and fairy tales

Retelling of some of the best known Greek myths


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8 comments on “Greek Myths

  1. rwalusimbi says:

    It’s okay because it can be interesting

  2. skirkwood says:

    My favourite myth is The 12 Labours Of Heracles because it is a great way to learn about lots of mythical creatures

  3. Niccolo Miserocchi Choudhury says:

    The way the author tells the myths is a great way. My favourite myth is Perseus and medusa because it’s very dramatic😊

  4. jreed says:

    I really like this book because there are loads of different Greek myths in it and I think all my class really like it as well . it’s also very convenient for when your learning about the Greeks!

  5. thamilton says:

    I love Greek Myths so this was the perfect book for me.It had a very good selection of mythical stories. My favourite myth so far was Perseus and Medusa.

  6. amitchell says:

    This book is good because it tells you brilliant and interesting information on Greek Myths

  7. kbenajjan says:

    I love this book I definitely recommend this book tells u all the famous Greek Myths 👩🏽‍🦱👍👍

  8. nwaters says:

    I like the story of the man and his kid because the father made wings out of bird feathers and the kid flew out and his father told him don’t fly to close to the sun but he though he could go further than the sun and then the the wax he stuck the feathers together with started to melt and then he fell into the sea and drowned but I don’t know what happened to the father because it didn’t show him fly and I did want to know but I imagined it. 😄