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Grimms’ Fairy Tales
Brothers Grimm

Folk and fairy tales

Romance, betrayal, gore and murder from the Brothers Grimm – blurb to follow


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12 comments on “Grimms’ Fairy Tales

  1. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    We read the robber bridegroom in class. I loved the suspense and the bird repeating turn back.

  2. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    We read the robber bridegroom in class and it was really gripping and scary.

  3. ecoyle says:

    We read the Robber bride groom in class and it is really grim.?

  4. Ms Fee says:

    Anyone who thinks fairy tales are full of princesses and fairy dust need to think again! These tales are weird, scary and full of such rich characters and places. A thoroughly enjoyable set of stories to dip into.

  5. Mr Milne says:

    ‘Gore, murder, romance and betrayal,’ – so said one of my former students about the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Actually, the Grimm brothers rewrote the fairy tales several times because it was felt that they were too gory for children in their original tellings. Cinderella’s stepsisters slice off parts of their feet to fit the golden slipper but their deception doesn’t work because the prince spots the blood spilling out of the shoe. And birds peck out the stepsisters’ eyes at the end! None of this makes it into the Disney version! The stepmothers of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel were, originally, their biological mothers – so is Snow White’s own mother who orders the huntsman to stab her to death and bring back her lungs and liver for her to salt and eat, and Hansel and Gretel’s biological mother who abandons them in the forest. Many of the folk tales are thousands of years old and exist, in different versions, all over the world. One expert has found 35 versions of Little Red Riding Hood, for example. In China, a tiger, not a wolf, tricks the young girl. What the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, did was to write down the classic German versions of the tales. We still need to decide which edition to include in the 100 books. Philip Pullman has written a good version called Grimm Tales, but we’ve already have another Pullman book (Northern Lights) and so we are not going to use that. In my opinion, the version we settle on should be as gory and close to the original as possible!

  6. ebarrett says:

    i loved this book so much because its like all the triditional fairy tales but they make it much more gory and a bit more exciting. My favourite story in the book is the one where a man meets a magical flounder in a river and the flounder give the man and his wife a bigger home because they are very poor and can’t afford a bigger one. Eventually the flounder gets too many request from the mans wife and turns the mansion back into the old shack.

  7. ibuglione says:

    This book has lots of cool stuff in including little red riding hood

  8. fsmith says:

    These fairy tales are the best and the most adventures tales out of All of them. I would not recommend these to youngsters or baby’s mainly because some of them are quite scary but for older children they are good.

  9. ikanarski says:

    I think the Brothers Grimm is a really good book because there are a lot of good fairy tales in them and there is always a good surprise at the end.

  10. sstrong says:

    I just love the brothers Grimm. I have read this book several times and it never gets old. I have also seen the show at the oxo tower . My faveoret is thousand furs.

  11. cyeboahkodie says:

    I enjoyed most of the tales like The Devil With Three Hairs and Snow White and lots of other ones.

  12. efuller says:

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read.I totally love it. The tales are creepy and incredibly gripping.