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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J K Rowling

Fantasy and science fiction

Harry starts his fifth year with a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Dolores Umbridge, refusing to teach defensive spells or believe Harry’s warnings about the Dark Lord’s return. So Harry sets out, with Ron and Hermione, to start up “Dumbledore’s Army.”


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2 comments on “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  1. ihamilton says:

    I like this book because its very exiting . At the start he is in the dark but then he flies over to 12 grim old place. He meats Ron and Hermione . Siris is there and Lupin . It was good that he could see into Voldemort.

  2. skirkwood says:

    I liked the way he sees the door to the department of mysteries and then he finally went inside and saw Voldemort