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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
J K Rowling

Fantasy and science fiction

‘Harry Potter – you are a wizard.’  Harry Potter is just an ordinary boy, living with his ‘muggle’ auntie and uncle until he gets taken away by a half giant to a school called Hogwarts.   Follow a year with Harry in friendships, happiness and, most of all, bravery.

Mia Wickremasinghe, 6CC (2016)


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113 comments on “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

  1. nbraganza says:

    I like the book because Harry goes to Hogwarts where he is told off learns magic and has a few adventures with his two best friends Ron and Hermione

  2. hhall says:

    I love this book because youreally get into the book and enjoy it so I hope you read it

  3. aimam says:

    Harry Potter is one of the books that I think is cool because there’s a vanishing glass on Dudley’s Birthday and Harry starts getting so many letters to Hogwarts and harry walks straight at the wall to get to platform 9 and 3/4 and Hagrid makes Dudley a tail which is really funny

  4. emcinerney says:

    Harry Potter is really exciting and interesting I love the part when he does the trick with the glass at the zoo with the snake. the book is really interesting and exciting because of all the interesting characters like Snape and Draco Malfoil and Hermoine and all the exciting adventures Harry Ron and Hermione go on like facing the three-headed dog Fluffy.

  5. bdavies says:

    I love this book and the movie based on it.

  6. Zak Holden Gregory says:

    Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone is really really good book ,
    It is about a boy called Harry Potter who is just a normal boy who lives with his cousin and his Aunt and Uncle until a man atleased that is what he thinks he is but one day a man called Hagrid came to his house and told him everything that his parents got blown up and did not die in a car crash and that his parents were amazing witch and wizard and that he was a wizard and he was invited to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and and wizardry and that is when his adventure began.

  7. slee2 says:

    Harry Potter is one of my favourite books .The scenes vary to create an interesting but adventures story.