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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
J K Rowling

Fantasy and science fiction

‘Harry Potter – you are a wizard.’  Harry Potter is just an ordinary boy, living with his ‘muggle’ auntie and uncle until he gets taken away by a half giant to a school called Hogwarts.   Follow a year with Harry in friendships, happiness and, most of all, bravery.

Mia Wickremasinghe, 6CC (2016)


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143 comments on “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

  1. Jack Williams says:

    In the start it was a bit boring but when I went on I really enjoyed it because it made me laugh

  2. fboyd says:

    In the start I didn’t want to read it but in the end I really enjoyed it.Now I love Harry Potter.

  3. skirkwood says:

    I really liked this because it is very exiting and I liked the bit where Prof. Quirrel tries to get the philosopher’s stone.The philosipher’s stone is a stone that can turn any materially solid gold.

  4. ejacobson says:

    I like the bit were Harry doesn’t know how to get to the Train track

  5. nwaters says:

    I love Harry Potter because he has wizard power and he is very cool and exciting

  6. amitchell says:

    This is a dark book but it has a funny storyline.

  7. adrame says:

    I think Harry Potter is a great book because it is a very adventury book it’s really a good book.

  8. mspence says:

    I love Harry Potter it is amazing
    And brillent

  9. Wilfred Tudor-Wills says:

    I really enjoyed this because most of the time Harry doesn’t really know what is going on most of the time and neither do I .

  10. ameyricrothstein says:

    When Hagrid bursts in and tells Harry he is a wizard strange happenings start…..

  11. bwatson says:

    When Harry got to the school he was sorted into one of the teams out of four.There was Gryfindor,Huffkepuff,Slytherin and Ravenclaw. They were sorted by a hat called the Sorting Hat and it sang a song. Harry was called to put the hat on . It took long but the decision was made he was put into Gryfindor .Once everyone was sorted into teams they had a feast.They were taken to their team room by a senior student. While walking the stairs were moving as well.

  12. bwatson says:

    In the first chapter of Harry potter his uncle Vernon had been seeing strange things happing. He saw a cat reading a map and cloaked people everywhere he went.The Dursley didn’t really like people like this especially because Ms Dursleys sister is one of them.One night , Dumbledore turnt all the street light off to speak to a cat who transfomed into a women.They said how Harry Potter parents had been killed by Your know-Who (Voldemort)
    Brandon 6TR
    I’m on chapter 7

  13. jsnowdon says:

    This book is amazingly interesting and funny for all ages and will easily make you want to read the entire series of all 7 books! Everyone who reads this is promised a incredible adventure through wizard and witchcraft!

  14. fkirkwood says:

    Harry Potter is an amazing book about an ‘ordinary’ boy living with his aunt and uncle. After a strange day at the zoo Harry realises he is not normal. The next day, to Harry’s utter amazement, a half giant knocks down the door and tells Harry that he is a wizard. He is taken to a school of witchcraft and wizardry where he learns how to use magic, but something strange is going on…

  15. fives says:

    Harry Potter is a dazzling story about whitchcraft and wizardry. Harry Potter, the main character, is a young wizard whose parents where killed by the dark Lord Voldemort. He is invited to Hogworts but all is not as it seems.

  16. ograham says:

    It’s frightening, magical and curious. J.k Rowling has an unstoppable imagination!

  17. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    Scary, funny, magical – I really love these books!

  18. mminns says:

    I think this is a really fantastic book because j.k Rowling uses her imaginaton and encourages the reader to use it too.I think Harry is a couragous and thoutful .I also think this is a exiting and funny book.

  19. kruh says:

    I loved this book soooooooo much because it is awesome first I used to say to people ‘why do you read this’ but when you read it you will guaranteed love it ☺️????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. jhawkes says:

    This book is very good because I listen to it in the car as an outdo seeded in the car.??

  21. ejackson says:

    I like this book because Harry Potter go’s to a witch craft and wizards school could hogworts and make ‘s some magicall friends Calle Ron and Hermione and his greatest enemy voldermot.

  22. aimam says:

    What. I like about Harry Potter is that Harry is a wizard but he doesn’t know and he lives with his cousin and uncle and auntie . Then Harry gets letters to hogwarts and they move away but then a giant comes and tells Harry that he is a wizard and his parents were wizards and witches and they went to Hogwarts there’s also a place called Diagon Alley were Harry gets his things and that his parents died against Lord Voldermort who was a great wizard but he was evil. Then there’s Platform 9 and 3/4 which is the only train that can get you to Hogwarts

  23. rfrench says:

    I like this book because Harry Potter is a great wizard and with his friends Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger they have the most magical andventures you can imagine.

    1. mjohnson says:

      I agree! 😀

  24. Daniel Nyima Nguo says:

    I enjoyed the book because it was quite funny but breath-taking at the same time.???

  25. nbraganza says:

    I like the book because Harry goes to Hogwarts where he is told off learns magic and has a few adventures with his two best friends Ron and Hermione

  26. hhall says:

    I love this book because youreally get into the book and enjoy it so I hope you read it

  27. aimam says:

    Harry Potter is one of the books that I think is cool because there’s a vanishing glass on Dudley’s Birthday and Harry starts getting so many letters to Hogwarts and harry walks straight at the wall to get to platform 9 and 3/4 and Hagrid makes Dudley a tail which is really funny

  28. emcinerney says:

    Harry Potter is really exciting and interesting I love the part when he does the trick with the glass at the zoo with the snake. the book is really interesting and exciting because of all the interesting characters like Snape and Draco Malfoil and Hermoine and all the exciting adventures Harry Ron and Hermione go on like facing the three-headed dog Fluffy.

  29. bdavies says:

    I love this book and the movie based on it.

  30. Zak Holden Gregory says:

    Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone is really really good book ,
    It is about a boy called Harry Potter who is just a normal boy who lives with his cousin and his Aunt and Uncle until a man atleased that is what he thinks he is but one day a man called Hagrid came to his house and told him everything that his parents got blown up and did not die in a car crash and that his parents were amazing witch and wizard and that he was a wizard and he was invited to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and and wizardry and that is when his adventure began.

  31. slee2 says:

    Harry Potter is one of my favourite books .The scenes vary to create an interesting but adventures story.