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Hetty Feather
Jacqueline Wilson

Action, adventure and romance

Hetty is a fiery little girl, filled with adventure and sadness.  At a young age, Hetty is abandoned by her mother at a hospital for foundlings.   She grows up into a naughty and cheeky girl, with friends and enemies.   This is the story of her life.

Inez Williams, 6JP (2016)


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41 comments on “Hetty Feather

  1. jreed says:

    i enjoyed this book because it was like Hetty was writing it like a diary, and how she escapes and tries to join the circus.

  2. kruh says:

    I think this is a great book ?☂and that if you like jaquiline wilson you should definitely read this????

  3. aomar says:

    i like this book. Because is full with adventure and a young girl with happyness . The reason I really like this book is that I’ve watch the episode and film I give this a 5 star cause. Is amazing

  4. myeboahkodie says:

    I love this book because it makes me feel about all those people who’s mum left them.Also I love the adventurous moments in the book.I would rate this book a 4 /5 because of how amazing it is.

  5. kclarke says:

    This is an amazing series which touches the heart. Each story has a fantastic plot, a marvellous range of new characters and most importantly, a brilliant story, set in Victorian times. I think Hetty Feather (and all the following novels) a worth-while read.

  6. jislam says:

    I love the book Hetty feather because I love it when Hetty feather keeps on calling Matron ,Matron pigface peters.I also like when Hetty found a friend called Harriet and she is like the age 12 and Hetty is only about to turn 6.

  7. ebrown says:

    Hetty is an orphan who struggles with great hardship as a child whilst she searches for her mother.Althoughshe had a temporary mother (peg) and a rather special brother (Jem) Hetty wants to find her real home

  8. ecoyle says:

    This book is one of my all time favourites, I love they way Jacqueline Wilson writes this, it is a really good book and I recommend it!❤️??❤️

  9. rboamah says:

    This book is fantastic! From living with a friendly foster family to living in a Foundling Hospital with rude Matrons, Hetty faces such cruel changes in her life. The book also tells us about Hetty’s great escape from the hospital and her search to find her true mother. SPOILER ALERT: (Madam Adeline isn’t actually Hetty’s mother. She can’t have children due to an accident which involves her falling off a horse.)

  10. fnkwocha says:

    I really loved this book because I like the storyline. The fierce young girl Hetty who is determined to find her long lost mother. It is hard for Hetty and she hates the matrons but she struggles on without her.This is the story of her life!Thank you Jaqueline Wilson.


  11. ecoyle says:

    I love this book sooooooooooooo much I am Jacqueline Wilson’s biggest fan!!!??❤️???

  12. emcinerney says:

    Hetty Feather is an exciting book with a lot of drama I enjoyed it a lot

  13. nhyderkhan says:

    Reading this book gave me great pleasure. It was very interesting and exciting, learning about how Hetty went to the foundling hospital and what life was like there.

  14. smohamed says:

    Hetty is a very sweet and kind girl but went matron is around there is painful punishment like in a cold cellar with no food or water. Or their hair would be cutt of

  15. mrothwellstopps says:

    Hetty feather is a very young and sweet girl. She was brought up in a kids home, her mum abandoned her as a very little girl she has enemies and best friends.

  16. aidoniboye says:

    A well written book set in 1876 following the story of Hetty Fether. A girl who was left at the foundling hospital when she was just a baby.Hetty grows up living in the hospital with her foster brother Gideon together Hetty tries to find her real mother but will her vivid imagination get the better of her?

  17. mmaccallumhall says:

    Hetty feather is a feisty but nice girl who is abandoned at a children’s home . Hetty is determined to find her mother after spending 4 years at a temporary home . Will Hetty find her mother . Whil hetty was at her temporary home she bonded with her step brother but when she was taken away they lost contact. Will hetty also find her brother. When I was around 8 I loved Jacqueline Wilson and my favourite of her books were this trilogy. This female character is also brought back in the 4th book diamond.

  18. ayusuf says:

    I love Hetty Feather because it is very interesting and full of cliffhangers. I would recommend this to people who love drama.

  19. oleach says:

    Hetty Feather is a nice little girl who is abandoned by her mother, Ida. She suddenly finds herself at a gloomy hospital with two fierce matrons Pigface Peters and Matron Bottomly. The book was great because Hetty Feather got to ride on a pirate horse owned by a wonderful lady dressed in pink spangles called Madame Adeline. I felt sad because Hetty was abandoned by her foster family with her beloved childhood sweetheart Jem. I felt happy when Jem and Hetty went to the circus (Hetty went to the circus twice).

    I read this book with Daddy at bedtime, and I read some of it on my own in bed with my reading light. I would recommend reading this book because it’s a really nice adventure. Now I’m reading the next book, Sapphire Battersea!

  20. ibuglione says:

    This book is amazing because it has so many cliff hangers like will she find her mum

  21. aomar says:

    Hetty featheri is a little girl likes her mum she always rate a later for her Mum she lev a hospital she have a fries
    she have a host tetra. at a hospital for foundlingS.

  22. Mr Milne says:

    I enjoyed this comment from a former student: “Hetty Feather is a boring book with very little action. Hetty is a very annoying girl who thinks she’s better than everyone else for some unknown reason. She has serious anger management issues and doesn’t get when she gets punished for hitting someone or something like that. Like all Jacqueline Wilson books it revolves around a stupid girl with barely any friends.” In contrast, another said: “Hetty must have such a big heart I don’t know how she didn’t explode.”

  23. famin says:

    I think this story is really exciting and adventrous as Hetty try’s to find her mother while at the foundling hospital. This book shows how cruel life was like long ago. And how deep into history it goes, into the life of Hetty feather.

  24. ikanarski says:

    I think this book is a really good book because it is dramatic and full of adventure!!!

  25. nludewick says:

    I love this book because it is a book that makes you feel good but is also sad and just when you think something bad might happen Hetty somehow escapes or makes it out.

  26. ahooper says:

    Hetty Feather is one of my favourite books because she has a wonderful personality, and she has a wild temper that she can not control just like me!
    starting life rough when she was very young,her mother abandoned her at a foundling hospital and from there Hetty try’s to find her mother in the big wide world.
    once you have read this you will of course want to find out what happens next and you certainly can as this is a series.

  27. aweheliye says:

    Hetty Feather is a book about a girl that is taken to a orphanage when she is a baby she is taken to a foster family until she is 6 now she has to face life at the strict orphanage where she has to clean and learn to be a servant will she find her mother before its to late ?

  28. Mr Milne says:

    A couple of years ago, when running a book club for my then class, I was severely criticised by some of the girls for not including any books by Jacqueline Wilson – and so I read several. Hetty Feather was one of my favourites. I love that it is a big sprawling story of Hetty’s life. (It actually reminded me of some of John Irving’s work: an author I like who writes for teenagers and grown ups and whom I hope you will get to know when you are a little older.) Another of her books that I enjoyed, although quite a bleak and poignant story, was The Illustrated Mum.

  29. lnalubwama says:

    Hetty and Sheila were best friends now they are not. Read on to find out what happens..

  30. dchatzinikolaou says:


  31. lnalubwama says:

    I like when she thought her mother had a ginger hair like her. She has enmies sheila and vanessa she died but
    giddieon might of ran away.


  32. vmendoza says:

    This book is exititing because its from her babyhood to her childhood and she has to be back by her sixth birthday nonono

  33. idzandzocaesar says:

    hetty feather is amazing book and its exciting and very interesting .Every time i read it it get more adventurous and i love this book and its captures on the bad parts because i think whats going to happing next and they explore so much things that are cool its a very good book but some parts make me sad but most of the perts are exciting as i said before. YOU SHOLD REALLY READ THIS BOOK and its full of shock.

  34. sdevlin says:

    i think hetty feather is a good book because i watch it on tv and i read the books and i think hetty feather is a good book so evry body should read it even if you are a boy and you do not like reading so you should read hetty feather so read it because it is a very good book

  35. ebarrett says:

    This book is all about a orphan who gets bossed around by this horable lady named maitrain. A good adventaruse tail that I racommend.

  36. edixonhitchcock says:

    I love this book it is so exciting and I don’t know how Jacqueline Wilson writes so well and completely captures me and I especially got captured on this book because it is so interesting and I just couldn’t put it down and Hetty is just like me very adventurous and this is such a good book.

  37. nbentham says:

    I would recommend this book. It’s really fun and exciting to read.

  38. efuller says:

    It took me forever to read but it was worth it. The best bit for me was when Hetty decided to run away from the foundling hospital to the fair to find her mother.

  39. edixonhitchcock says:

    I absolutely love this book. I loved reading it. It is amazing. Read it!

  40. khenryjackson says:

    I really enjoyed this book. My favourite part was when she had to go to the circus

  41. jpaulinopena says:

    Hetty is an ordinary girl. It’s not easy for her because she and her brother get abandoned by her mother at a hospital . She is very cheeky with her friends and enemies…..