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Louis Sachar

Action, adventure and romance

Stanley Yelnats and his family have all been cursed because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.  Stanley ends up at Camp Green Lake Detention Centre (there’s no lake and it’s not green) having to dig holes every day…

Aaliyah Yusuf, 5CV (2016)


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78 comments on “Holes

  1. nludewick says:

    I really love this book and I fell that the story is very nice and interesting. I loved reading it in class.

  2. astrigo says:

    This book is great for the ‘hole’ pass. Anybody who reads it will enjoy it like I did.

  3. smuhidin says:

    Stanley yelnats and his family have been cursed by a one legged gypsy by his no-good- dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great grandfather .
    Stanley gets sent to camp green lake because he ‘stole shoes'(no lake and no green).
    He digs holes everyday getting a little amount of water.

  4. mmaccallumhall says:

    Stanley yelnats is sent to a juvenile detention centre for something he didn’t do.he is convinced that this is all todo with his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather . When he gets there he meets a shy young boy, zero . What will happen to this boy when he has to dig every single day. Will he find anything ? And who is K.B?

  5. tcarpenter says:

    Awesome book full of mysterys about pigs strength and names spelt backwards. Stanley yelnats found that a shoe fell out of the sky landed on his head he ran to show his parents but the cops caught him red handed then the next thing you know he’s in court being sent to a camp that makes you dig all day everyday.

  6. spender says:

    This book is about somebody being caught for a crime that somebody else did and has to go to this really horrible camp. Where he has to dig holes everyday in the sunlight. This camp is actually a place where treasure from a robbery was buried. I really enjoyed this book.

  7. ibuglione says:

    This book is so good that I didn’t want to put it down

  8. cwitchell says:

    Holes is a book about a boy called Stanley yelnats, he is very unlucky but not for any old reason it’s because of his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather.
    This also includes lots of adventure,drama and sadness.

  9. Mr Milne says:

    Three cleverly intertwined stories separated in time (Elya Yelnats and his broken promise, Kissin’ Kate Barlow and Stanley’s own life and adventures) in a brutal Texas setting.

  10. sheckscher says:

    Stanley Yelnats and his family are cursed. When Stanley is sent to camp green lake juvenile detention centre, he thinks his life could not be worse. Only then to meet Zero, the boy that could change his luck forever.

  11. famin says:

    this book is about a boy called stanley yelnats who [because of a curse] has landed in the juvinile detention center camp ”green lake” where there is nothing green and no lake . Forced to dig HOLES stanley makes new friends and discovers something dark about the camp.

  12. tgray says:

    I feel sorry for Stanley Yelnats because he has got a curse and it’s all because of his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather.

  13. mboguslawska says:

    I think holes is a great book for kids and adults because it has a great story about Stanley Yelnats and his no-good-dirty-roten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.I read the book and watched the movie and i think they are both great.

  14. jewan says:

    this book was amazing when our class read it with how it goes back in time

  15. nboguslawska says:

    Holes is a very exciting book.

  16. cyeboahkodie says:

    I love holes my favourite part is when there are about 10 yellow spotted lizards on Stanley and Zero and they didn’t bite them.

  17. mboguslawska says:

    This is a great book because it has a great ending and interesting story ,i watched the movie and i read the book .My favorite character is Zero because everyone thinks he’s stupid but in the end he proves that he is smart.

  18. psolis says:

    Reading Holes with the class was the most fun thing to do.Holes is a great book. It had loads of description, suspense and a lot of holes! My favourite part is when the climbed the mountain and made a friend called Zero.

  19. faboulian says:

    Holes is a great book. It has a mystery that’s almost impossible to work out till the end.can you work it out?

    1. astrigo says:

      I read this book when I was in year 5 so it may be just me but what mystery are you talking about??????????❔❓❓❓❔❔

  20. rdraper says:

    a grate book with slaves and holes

  21. edixonhitchcock says:

    I liked this book when we did it in year five. My favourite character was Zero because everyone thinks he is stupid but actually he is really good at maths. It is called Camp Green Lake but actually it is a dry old desert.

  22. rbrissett says:

    I loved reading Holes because we read it as a class and at the end we got to watch it
    as year 5

  23. Erin Rees says:

    I really like this book , it is a incredibly easy read , but the amazing characters make up for the lack of challenges. They are witty , devious and you will love all of them . I highly recommend this book , however the flashbacks do sort of interrupt the momentum of the book . Erin

  24. tluppi says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book BUT the play backs were VERY BORING in my opinion.

  25. ozamprogna says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book with my class and it has some great flashbacks. The movie is good, but I prefer the book.

  26. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book, especially the twist at the end.

  27. tbraganza says:

    I really enjoyed Holes. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book you could do just one because the movie is like the book (for once). My favourite part was when Zigzag said, “Eat my cookie.”

  28. madom2 says:

    Stanley Yelnats has a mysterious family and thinks he has a curse

  29. krussell says:

    Stanley Yelnats and his family have been cursed because of his no-good -dirty-rotten-pig-sterling-great-great-grandfather. And Stanley ends up in camp green lake(there’s no lake and it’s not green) and digging holes everyday

  30. myislam says:

    I really like this book. It was fun reading it with my class.

  31. nsampson says:

    This is a great fantasy book I’d recommend to anyone. My favourite bit is when Stanley and Zero climb up ‘big thumb’.

  32. trostam says:

    This book is great . I love the part when Stanley drives the truk in to a hole it is so funny.

  33. ikanarski says:

    Holes is a really good book because it involves a lot of adventure and is moving with a lot of discriptioso I recommend it.

  34. hnkwocha says:

    I like this this book because lots of the new facts Stanley is finding out goes back long time and I think the author has done a clever thing.

  35. sconteh says:

    The best book I have read in a while. There are lots of amazing twists and unexpected plots. I really want to read this book over and over again since it is so good!

  36. rrazabenfahem says:

    This book is amazing. I am reading it now.

  37. dmccormack says:

    This is a good book because at the beginning it is boring but after that it is an amazing book because all Stanley does is dig holes as a punishment but that is not the truth

  38. mbassiencapsa says:

    I really enjoyed this book because its all about adventure and helping a friend in need.

  39. ebarrett says:

    I am finding this book (by finding I mean I am still reading it) a really exciting and adventurous story and to people who have already read the book we are up to the part where we think Stanley has found Kate Barlow’s loot.

  40. lfrancis says:

    This book is a mysterious fun novel – with holes.

  41. akeigher says:

    If you like family history fiction books then you will LOVE Holes ?

  42. khenryjackson says:

    I really enjoy this book. It’s very amazing and interesting.

  43. wsimwogerere says:

    I love this book especially when it fills you in on the past of the place and all its description

  44. oridgeway says:

    Holes is a great book because there is a mystery in the book and I think it is
    just cool.

  45. nhyderkhan says:

    I love this book I have already read this and I think that it is exciting and fun to read

  46. jmoigboi says:

    This book is really good and I enjoyed it. My favourite part was when they found out Zero was Hector Zeroni. I didn’t see that coming…

  47. ayusuf says:

    I have enjoyed this book. I think it’s amazing! I recommend this book 100%

  48. esampson says:

    Poor boy, Stanley Yelnats is thought to have stolen some trainers and is sent to Camp Green Lake where you have to dig a 5 foot deep by 5 feet wide hole everyday.

  49. kjohnsonagley says:

    I think Holes is an amazing book. It’s funny and serious at the same time. I totally think you should read it!???

  50. fwaters says:

    I think Holes is a really good book. It’s a mix of lots of different things: adventure,crime and action. Anyone who reads it will like it.