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Island of the Blue Dolphins
Scott O'Dell

Action, adventure and romance

Based on a true story of a young girl abandoned on a remote and uninhabited island off the coast of California and surviving alone for many years Рblurb to follow.


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5 comments on “Island of the Blue Dolphins

  1. tluppi says:

    I really love this book and I cannot believe it is true!!!!!! It is about a girl who gets stranded on an island, and she must fight for herself.

  2. mrothwellstopps says:

    It is a wonderful book to read it is based on a story what happens many years ago. She ends up in California surviving on her own for many years. The book reminds me of the film cast away.

  3. nbentham says:

    This book is about a young girl who gets stranded on a island.She survives for many years.Karana makes her own house and fights off vicious dogs.I really enjoyed reading this book.

  4. ibuglione says:

    This book is amazing and I love brave karana

  5. Mr Milne says:

    Better known in the USA, this book is based on a true story of a young Native American girl, Karana, who shows extraordinary bravery, strength and resourcefulness to survive, alone, on an uninhabited Pacific island off the coast of California, for nearly 20 years. She hunts and forages and fights off the wild dogs that roam the island and, as years pass, and her life melds with the seasons, finds a deep peace and serenity.