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Journey to the West
Wu Ch'êng-ên

Folk and fairy tales

Classic Chinese story of the pilgrimage of the monk Tripitaka, together with his companions Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, to obtain sacred Buddhist text – blurb to follow.


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9 comments on “Journey to the West

  1. cwilliams says:

    this book is brilliantbecause they show you not to give up and keep going.

  2. claque says:

    The Journey to the West is a difficult book to read. I tried to read it but did not get to past collecting all members for the journey. I would recommend this to anyone who has enough time to read long description and does not easily get bored

  3. llincoln says:

    I liked it when the mandarin teacher read it to us.

  4. imeager says:

    I have read this book in mandarin club…it was really fun ❤️???

  5. ecoyle says:

    I read this in mandarin lunch club I liked it a lot.??

  6. mrothwellstopps says:

    A bit of a dull book

  7. vmendoza says:

    This book is good but very dull it’s a journey about going to the west and it’s a classic Chinese story.

  8. ibuglione says:

    I loved this when koulaushi read it to us

  9. rmarujo says:

    a good book but maybe a bit dull.