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5 comments on “La Belle Sauvage

  1. ibuglione says:

    This is a great book that you should definetly read if you liked the northern lights.

  2. fcranston says:

    this book sucks!

  3. kclarke says:

    I enjoyed this book a lot. The Book of Dust is a thrilling tale about a young boy called Malcolm Polstead, whose parents own a pub (The Trout). Across the river (The Thames), there is a priory. The story begins when a baby named Lyra is put into the care of the nuns of Godstow Priory. It turns out that a man with a three-legged deamon wants to kill the baby. I think the real excitement starts in part 2-The Flood because that is when Malcolm, Lyra and Alice, who had been looking after Lyra at the time and also worked at The Trout, are set afloat by The Flood in La Belle Sauvage -a boat. The book contains some rather adult themes but is still a gripping book throughout.

  4. wpowell says:

    I like the bit when Alice got bitten and and the mum said “I have no sympathy you should keep your feet to your self.?

  5. Ms Fee says:

    I was so excited to start reading this book, as I LOVED the Northern Lights trilogy as a child. I am actually only halfway through La Belle Sauvage, but is fascinating to take another trip into Lyra’s world – she is just a baby when this story takes place, as it is a prequel to The Golden Compass. I think the things I enjoy most about the worlds Pullman creates are the slight differences between them and the world we live in and the way the stories and characters revolve around ideas of learning, scientific knowledge and exploration.