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Little Women
Louisa May Alcott

Action, adventure and romance

Published 150 years ago, the (romantic, heartwarming, thought-provoking) story of four sisters growing up in America at the time of the American Civil War – blurb to follow


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9 comments on “Little Women

  1. Mr Milne says:

    I think that if someone had tried to tell me about Little Women before I’d read it then I’d have thought it sounded a bit sugary and moralising and been a bit doubtful that I’d enjoy it. But, like hundreds of millions of readers before me, over 150 years, the book drew me into the lives of the four sisters. The book does offer advice about how to live life – but the advice is gentle and deals with timeless human values, the characters are all human and flawed, and the world is shown as complicated and not simple. As I read, I often found myself with a tear in my eye or a smile on my face. There are a few passages that are hard going (the performance of one of Jo’s plays towards the start of the book, and sections on The Pilgrim’s Progress for example) but you can skip over these if you want to and should not let them put you off reading a beautiful book and a masterpiece.

  2. mmaccallumhall says:

    This is such a classic book . I recommend for everyone to read this as its a beautiful tale about 4 sisters.

  3. kclarke says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Little Women. It is rather sad in places but overall it was happy. The author described the characters well and made you properly understand them. This wonderful book is full of love, compassion and friendship.

  4. astrigo says:

    This book is wonderful with the four loving sister always at each other’s sides.Each going off to different futures but still staying in touch with each other.

  5. sheckscher says:

    Little women is a wonderful book involving four kind and selfless little girls grow up to be strong and confident young women. This book is really utterly brilliant and is a great book that gives an amazing perspective of the world.

  6. ibuglione says:

    This book is an amazing book you can not put down

  7. bdavies says:

    It’s a lovely, heartwarming and very interesting book that sometimes has some descriptive words that I don’t know. I recommend that you read the book before watching the film.

  8. rbrissett says:

    I have watched and read Little Women. It was very good.

  9. epenaperalta2 says:

    I’ve read the book in Spanish, not sure if it made much of a difference. but it was very interesting (though every ten minutes I had to ask mum wath every certain word means).

    4 stars