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7 comments on “Mulan

  1. fsmith says:

    This agree at book to show every one can fight for their cause and any gender can be the best. The story of truth.😭😪😧😱😎😲

  2. swilson says:

    Milan is a girl who doesn’t want her father to do war so she steals his suit and takes her hourse to find where the group of men and tent.she finds them and trains to be a worrior and trains for the danger ahead of her,but she gets hurt and there was nothing the trainer could do but the trainer helped her and she safed China the leader was proud and came to her house for tea and for dinner and they lived happily ever after and China lived happily ever after.THE END.then Mulan got married to someone she’s inlove with and then I think Mulan got children and taught them to be like her so they became soldier and never was there a war because of Mulan three cheers to Mulan for saving China once more hip hip horra she’s nice to everyone.

  3. Ms Mason says:

    This traditional Chinese tale is perhaps best know for the Disney film version. It is the story of Mulan a young woman who goes to fight in the army in her father’s place.

  4. ozamprogna says:

    I think this book is really sweet because Mulan goes to the war for her father because he’s too weak to fight – even though you had to be a man to go to war!

  5. Mr Milne says:

    Beautiful retelling of the story of the legendary Chinese warrior Hua Mulan (Hua meaning ‘flower’), based on an ancient Chinese poem The Ballad of Mulan. You’ll learn the story of Mulan and read the poem when you learn about China’s history in Year 5.

  6. kdouglaslodge2 says:

    I love this book because it’s sad and interesting.

  7. himam says:

    I like this book because it intresing .