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Roald Dahl


Matilda had always been different to her family.  At the age of one, she could write her name.   But when she starts school, she discovers that she has a special power, and there are some people in her life who need to be taught a lesson.  After all, bad people need to be punished.

Ava J, 6CC (2016)


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162 comments on “Matilda

  1. Leo Trelfer says:

    I liked it when Miss Trunchbull got scared of the newt that fell on her.

  2. Wilfred Tudor-Wills says:

    I’m a bit scared about this book because Miss Trenchbull shouts and the chokey

  3. ejackson says:

    I love this book because I like the way it has a girl how is good at reading and she can do magic.

  4. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    I’m a bit scary of Miss Trunchbull. But Miss Honey is lovely.

  5. oboakye says:

    l think my favourite part is when she has powers.

  6. oboakye says:

    I like Matilda because she a smart kid who like reading.
    The bit I don’t understand is when her parents don’t know how old Matilda is.


  7. myeboahkodie says:

    I found this book really interesting because of how a little girl is as smart as a person in university.I also love how she can teach people to be punished.I rate this book a 3/5 because I fell like the book could be better.

  8. rfrench says:

    Matilda was smarter then most kids.
    At the age of 1 she could write her name, At the age of 4 she was going to the public library and at the age of 6 she was the smartest child in her school. Matilda Was a polite child. She had a wonderful teacher called Mrs.honey and an evil head misstress called Mrs trunchball. Matilda will have to use her hidden powers to save the school!

  9. bgugliotta says:

    I adore this book because it inspires young childrentostop watching telly.I also find hilarious because Matilda plays some wicked pranks on her lazy parents.I think my favourite character is Miss Honey Jennifer because she is kind polite and is certainly very sweet!!!