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Roald Dahl


Matilda had always been different to her family.  At the age of one, she could write her name.   But when she starts school, she discovers that she has a special power, and there are some people in her life who need to be taught a lesson.  After all, bad people need to be punished.

Ava J, 6CC (2016)


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162 comments on “Matilda

  1. ibuglione says:

    Matilda is a young kind and skilful girl who has been born into a rude tv loving family. When she finally goes to school her fight continues against the headmistress miss Trunchball. Even though she doesn’t have a perfect family she has the perfect friends for her and a teacher called miss honey who is a kind helpful and sweet person. I really recomend this book.

  2. swood says:

    Matilda was always different. When she starts school she discovers her magical power of being able to move things with her eyes!

  3. eroberts says:

    Matilda likes to read A LOT. What a clever girl she is! She plays tricks on her dad because her mummy and daddy are really unkind. The head teacher is mean too. I really like it when the little boy has to eat all of the cake.

  4. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I liked this book because it was funny and is really cool because of Matilda’s magic powers

  5. Nathan Callender says:

    I like the character Matilda as she is cool she has powers which she uses I think this book is amazing

  6. egeach says:

    Matilda is an extremely bright girl who loves to read books, however, her family life is not as lovely as she is, and being haunted by your head mistress is definitely one of your worst nightmares. Will Matilda and Miss Honey (her kind teacher) manage to show Miss Trunchbull that cruelty is not the way?

  7. aharper says:

    One of my favourite authors is Roald Dahl because
    he is not only funny but brilliant! I thought he wrote this book so well I can’t say how good. There were 1 or 2 things I didn’t like but other wise it is excellent. The pictures are great as well.

  8. hbentham says:

    Matilda is a young gifted girl that is part of a peculiar family but when she goes to school she discovers she has a most unusual power that she often might use on her extremely strict head teacher. You never know what she is going to do next.

  9. tgray says:

    I like Matilda and I find it funny that her parents think that tv is good for you and reading is not.

  10. achesterman says:

    I liked Matilda because it’s about magic and I like magic

  11. Nathan Callender says:

    matilda is an interesting book to read you should read it as it is a good book

  12. smohamed says:

    I think someone should read it to you it will be more fun and if you don’t know what the word meen the person who is reading it to you might know

  13. gbrown2 says:

    Matilda is a great book because she has power and does read lots of books ?

  14. nhyderkhan says:

    I really loved this book , it’s about a girl called Matilda who loves to read and she is very smart but her parents don’t like her to read…. This book was amazing I loved reading it.

  15. ssuarez says:

    I read this book and I think it is very good indeed.Roald Dahl is a wonderful author and his books are always going to be the best .His books are also good because his books fit everyone.READ IT.

  16. shubbard says:

    I like miss trunchbull’s idea of the chokey but my favoirate charecter is bruce bogtrotter because of the giant chocolate cake coincidence.

  17. bbigueyapua says:

    Matilda is so cool she even she had magical powers. Do you know how I knew that! Because I watched it on TV.?

    1. Mr Milne says:

      So now you should read the book – or get someone to read it to you! Mr Milne

  18. rtensue says:

    I like this book because her mum and dad say that waching tv evry day is good but i dont think waching tv eeeeeevry day is good but i gust like waching tv

  19. keley says:

    My favorite part is when MATILDA does the new ”game ”on her dad.

  20. anecea says:

    I like Matilda she is the best character ever ?

  21. ehey says:

    I like matlda because it is a bowt book and its very fun. her family are very mean to her and she likes her teacher more.

    1. bplowman says:

      Uhm, I think she likes her family more than Ms. Trunchball

  22. wdixonhitchcock says:

    it is cool

  23. pkerrmontagna says:

    I like matilda because the mum and dad say its good to be waching TV all the time and its not.

  24. wmortensen says:

    Matilda always does different things. When she was 1 she could write her name.

  25. eharper says:

    I like matilda because the mum and dad say its good to wach TV all the time and its not.

  26. jwojnarowski says:

    it was all funny when the cholclet cake came and all the children shouted you can do it and at the start braking the
    tv it was so funny.

  27. tbarkar says:

    My favourite character is Matilda. I think she is like me because she is interested in everything she sees. I think some parts of the book are hilarious like when Bruce Bogtrotter eats the huge chocolate cake. Matilda’s tricks are so amazing but her family are horrible and careless. It is like she is invisible to them. The ending is brilliant because you know she will be happy with Miss Honey.

  28. astrigo says:

    All round an amazing book for all people.

  29. mmaccallumhall says:

    Matilda is different to her family. She knows it. Not only is she kind and caring , but she can move objects around with her mind. Matilda from a young age always loved books . By 6 she had read all the books in her local library but still hadn’t gone to school. As she starts her new school ms honey will change her life forever.

  30. smohamed says:

    Matilda is a very kind and bright girl but her family is very mean and cruel. They think they don’t know her

  31. oridgeway says:

    Matilda is a really boring book and the only bit that I like is when she puts superglue around his hat.

  32. mrothwellstopps says:

    Matilda is a very different person to her family. she is kinder and she always puts her family first. her family do not no her very well they think she is 4 and a half when actually she is 6. Miss Honey saved Matilda from the horrible family, without her i do not no what Matilda would of done without her.

  33. ibuglione says:

    this fantastic comedy should have 10 stars just because of the funniness of miss trunchball

  34. fbickley says:

    Get up off your couch and read this book!

  35. treid says:

    This book is a creative, adventure book about a girl called Matilda.I like this book because it very funny. My favourite person is Miss Trunchbull I rate this book a 7+

  36. fcranston says:

    This book is one of the best book I ever read with my mum.me and my mum laughed at all the jokes and we loved the character Miss Trunchbull. As I said this was one of my favourite book I ever read and I would recommend it as 6+.

  37. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I think Matilda is a great book, I think is for children 7+.
    I think it is a good book because it is extremely funny,amusing and unique book and by one of the best authors that ever lived. The book is about a little girl named Matilda who has horrible parents and a horrid head teacher, but, she has a trick up her sleeve…

  38. dhogan says:

    I love the book Matilda, she has a magic power you have to find out by reading the book! Her horrible family treat her so bad it’s up to her to get them back.

  39. krussell says:

    The story about Matilda is the story of a girl who is really brainy and has some manners.

  40. sstrong says:

    Roald dahl has written some of the greatest books one of my favourite is matilda. It tells a story of a child(matilda) and what happens to her in school with a mean head teacher and it doesen’t help that her parents would rather not have her there. No adults seem to like this miricale kid who is a total genius.I just love this book.

  41. famin says:

    Matilda is a wonderful book that i think is referring to the wonderful world where you can do anything, achieve anything, and be anything

  42. edixonhitchcock says:

    I love Matilda because she has so much perseverance and she loves reading and like me she didn’t ever give up trying not to watch tv. She is so kind and she helps Miss Honey and herself because she makes her school so much nicer!

  43. kjohnsonagley says:

    I enjoi this book it has twists and turns that you would never exspeced and metilda has a fue triks up her sleeve.

  44. khenryjackson says:

    This is a good book to read Matilda is a nice girl in school but she has a really mean teach that makes it hard for her……..

  45. bbates says:

    Matilda is a book that you can just fall in love with its funny ,sad it just an all rounder is what i call it my favourite character is miss Homey like her name she is sweet,nice and gooey inside

  46. agrindle says:

    This book is a great one book and I llllloooooovvvvvveeeeedddd the bit when she was playing pranks on her dad.This to me is the funnist book I have ever read.

  47. sconteh says:

    A really good book I would definitely recommend this book to someone that likes a twist and it’s not one of your average happy endings…

  48. eswayne says:

    I like this book because she so so little yet she knows and does loads and loads of things

  49. aweheliye says:

    I recommend the book matilda because its fun 🙂 😉 :0 and its entertaining to read its about a girl that has a secret power and lazy parents i hope you enjoy reading matilda as much as you enjoy reading other books