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Roald Dahl


Matilda had always been different to her family.  At the age of one, she could write her name.   But when she starts school, she discovers that she has a special power, and there are some people in her life who need to be taught a lesson.  After all, bad people need to be punished.

Ava J, 6CC (2016)


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162 comments on “Matilda

  1. smealand says:

    I love matilda it is amazing and the funny thing is I have a sister called matilda

  2. anecea says:

    I love this book because Miss Honey is such a beatiful lady and the B E S T part is MISS TRUNCHBULL ran away from Miss Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ssuarez says:

    i like this book because Matilda is such a nice girl and she has a splendid powers:)

  4. rtensue says:

    i love this book because of matildas powers and the funny part is when the head techer gets punished

  5. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I like this book because I like the idea of a girl that can control gravity.

  6. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    I loved this book especially when Miss Trunchball finally ran away and Matilda got to go and live with Miss Honey.

  7. Ava Atkins says:

    I really like Matilda!

  8. sfuller says:

    This is a really good book because it is funny

  9. dreynolds says:

    This book is really good but I can only remember it vaguely. As usual great Roald Dalh book?????

  10. ameyricrothstein says:

    Matilda is different from other people and through her life something happens to her. It’s like magic!

  11. hcookson says:

    This book is very fun because it had a really mean head teacher and Matilda was my favourite character.

  12. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I think my favourite part was when she found out she had powers.

  13. fnkwocha says:

    I like ‘Matilda’ because she’s smart and not afraid to stand up to her parents.
    My favourite part is when she gets adopted by Miss Honey

  14. ecoyle says:

    I went to see this in the theatre recently and it was amazing. I haven’t read it in a while so when I was watching it all of the memories came flooding back.?

  15. jmitchell says:

    Mitilda is a great book for kids as it encourages children to be a great

  16. jislam says:

    I like this book because it is funny and just makes you laugh . The reason I like this book is because there is a young girl called Matilda and she loves reading but the rest of her family just love to sit back and eat plus watch TV.

  17. glincoln says:

    Matilda is a great book the teacher is really scary but her parents are mean too.

  18. jislam says:

    I enjoyed Matilda because it is funny .

  19. jislam says:

    I enjoyed Matilda because it is funny and I wish that I could have any kind of power like that and this book makes you happy plus it puts you in a good mood.

  20. khale says:

    I think this film is good for adults to learn not to be rude to your or anybody’s children

  21. emcinerney says:

    I like this book because it is really funny and interesting to read my favorite part is when Matilda and Mis Honey go exploring in Miss Trunchballs house. The book is about this girl called Matilda who loves books from an early age and always went go library when all her family is out, just a bit after she starts school she discovers that she has amazing powers like tipping over glasses with her eyes that is also something else I like about the book.

  22. kruh says:

    This is an excellent book about a very good girl who learns to grow up with very mean parents but still breaks through??⛄️

  23. hwunsche says:

    I loved this book. It’s absolutely amazing!!! And it’s funny how Matilda plays tricks on her parents.

  24. hwunsche says:

    I loved this book. It’s absolutely amazing!!!

  25. rfrench says:

    Matilda is a very bright child who encounters strange things such as a thief dad,a mad headmistress and a few miracles…

  26. fpatten says:

    I think this book is extremly entertaining book about a girl who is quite different to her family and In fact has special powers. She goes to her school and stops and punishes her evil head teacher and her horrid dad

  27. mpatten says:

    Matilda lives with her parents and brother who all think she is crazy because she loves reading but Matilda always sticks up for her self! I love this book and I really enjoyed reading it!

  28. mjohnson2 says:

    I really like this book by Rohld Dahl. My favourite bit was when Matilda messed Miss Trunchbull about. I recommend this book for everyone!???

  29. risaacs says:

    This is a lovely book and Matilda is a really cool girl I wish I had the same power as her to be able to lift stuff with her mind?

  30. lnecea says:

    This book is amazing because when Matilda is at a very young age she can write her own name .Matilda can also see her own life like going to a lovely school but NO!!! The school is horrible.But she discovers that she has powers so that she can get revenge for all the horrible people who has NOT been nice ???

  31. apriechenfried says:

    It was ok but I didn’t really get the story.

  32. bgugliotta says:

    This is a great book because Matilda is a very passionate person and she stands up for herself. I think everyone has the same ability as Matilda so young kids will be encouraged and have a great life if they follow in Matilda ‘s footsteps. I loved this book because it had lots of funny bits.

  33. tluppi says:

    Matilda is a girl who loves to read but whenever her swindling dad sees her, he stops her immediately. She discovers she has incredible telepathy powers, and can’t wait to use it on Miss Trunchbull, her grizzly headmistress. Not like Miss Atkins, then.

  34. tbaker says:

    I really liked this book because of the way Matilda loves books and how she has tricked her parents.My favourite trick was when she put super glue in her dad’s hat. I also liked Mrs house.

  35. kdouglaslodge says:

    I love the book because its about a little girl who is intelligent and likes reading just like me.??

  36. myeboahkodie says:

    This book is amazing .i wonder how Roald Dahl thought of this idea and the illustration is fabulous Quentin Blake

  37. claque says:

    Matilda is a lovely book about a girl who loves to read ! This is probably one of the reasons it is on the list. This is a great book because Matilda’s parents don’t want her to read but she has to go to school. In school she gets a brilliant teacher and every thing turns well.

  38. cwilloughby says:

    I love this book because it takes you to Matilda’s world full of books,nice and nasty teachers and her crazy parents. My favourite part of the book is when Miss Honey discovers that Matilda is only in Reception but can already do complex mental arithmetics.

  39. gwilsonlitt says:

    Matilda is a great book with great people and horrible people. Matilda is a book worm with special powers.????

  40. nbraganza says:

    I like this book because the girl called Matilda doesn’t fit in with her family she finally goes to school and gets a really nice teacher but her head mistress is quite different.

  41. Ms Mason says:

    Matilda has always been different from her family. When she starts school she develops powers and these lead to hilarious situations.

  42. mchangbrown says:

    I really like this book because it is really funny .I recommend this book to people who like funny and interesting books.

  43. bdavies says:

    I love this book because Matilda is such a unique character.

  44. rboamah says:

    I love the way Matilda always wants to learn.

  45. llincoln says:

    Matilda had always been a peculiar child. When she grows up, she finds out that she has special powers and she uses them to teach all the bad people in her life a lesson.

  46. Ms Fee says:

    A Dahl classic – with a brilliant heroine. I loved the pranks and magic in this book, but also the celebration of ambition and learning!

  47. ecoyle says:

    I love this book because Matilda is kind of like me because we are both book worms.??

  48. emcinerney says:

    Matilda is very interesting and fun to read

  49. hdickie says:

    My favourite part is when Matilda puts supe glue on mr wormwood hat!!!

  50. ablackburncave says:

    i like this book because it is funny and matilda gets her revenge on all those mean and horrible parents.