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Mrs Pepperpot
Alf Prøysen



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7 comments on “Mrs Pepperpot

  1. gswan says:

    This magical lady can mysteriously turn to the size of a pepper pot but unfortunately she cannot tell when it will happen. So with the help of animals she returns to her normal size. Each chapter is a new adventure, what will she do in the next one? Can she find any animals to help her? And can she hide before anyone sees her?

    1. Ms Fee says:

      I loved these stories too – you’ve captured the plot really well in your review.

  2. lshree says:

    I love this book, there is an old lady called Mrs pepperpot who suddenly shrinks to the size of a pepperpot. This unusual lady will have lots of fun adventures.

  3. ebrown says:

    Mrs pepperpot is a rather unusual women who is constantly shrinking down to the exact size of a pepper pot whilst getting into trouble.

  4. llincoln says:

    Miss pepper pot can shrink to the size of a pepper pot and when she does she goes on all kind of adventures

  5. Ms Fee says:

    Wow – very nostalgic seeing this in the list as I don’t think I’ve thought about the Mrs Pepperpot stories for over 20 years! It’s great fun to follow Mrs Pepperpot as she shrinks to the size of a pepperpot and gets up to all sorts of adventures…

  6. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed this book as I found all of the stories entertaining and enjoyable