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Northern Lights
Philip Pullman

Fantasy and science fiction

The first part of Pullman’s brilliant His Dark Materials trilogy – blurb to follow


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24 comments on “Northern Lights

  1. thamilton says:

    Lyra lives in Oxford at Jordan college with her friend Roger.One day a lady called Mrs Coulter comes and Lyra becomes fascinated with her . Lyra agrees to Mrs Coulters offer to go to the north . But she can’t find her friend Roger . She has a theory it’s the GOBBLERS …

  2. psuarez says:

    This amazing book is about a girl called Lyra who lives in Oxford until she leaves with a lady called miss coulter. This woman has a lot to do with Lyra and is one of the main carectors in the story. This is a great book that must be read.

  3. jsnowdon says:

    This is an important book in my childhood

  4. egreenslade2 says:

    Northern Lights- the first book of Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy- is an awe-inspiring, thrilling book about a girl called Lyra who goes on an amazing adventure to the north. One of her companions to the north is a noble bear named Iorek Byrnison who, at the end, rips the heart and life out of the rivalling bear- Iofur Raknison.

  5. egeach says:

    Lyra has lived in Oxford all her life until a wonderful lady named miss colter takes her to the north . Colter seems perfect at first but soon Laura finds out that things are not as they seem. Will Laura escape from her clutches before it’s too late

  6. ograham says:

    This book takes you on a journey and makes you laugh, gasp, twitch and cringe.

  7. swebster says:

    a great read i would highly recommend it a book of bravery strength and power

  8. aglynthomas says:

    This book is literally magic.I absolutely want to be Lyra as she leads an extraordinary life.

  9. rhogan says:

    I am not to far into the book but so far I am really enjoying it and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I recommend this book to anyone in year five or six ???

  10. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed this book as it was so exiting and there were so many unexpected twists

  11. nbraganza says:

    This is one of my favourite books ever because I love Lyras demon and the story is really good.I also love the way they talk about dust so much

  12. llincoln says:

    I am half way through this book and so far I am loving it. My favourite character is Lyra’s dæmon.

  13. Mr Milne says:

    OK, read the other books in the trilogy, The Subtle Knife and, especially, the brilliant, epic Amber Spyglass, and all becomes clear!

  14. Mr Milne says:

    There was a bit of debate about whether Northern Lights – the first of Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy – should be included among the 100 books. It is a children’s book – but, perhaps, the ideal reader is a little older. No matter! It’s an enormously rich and spectacular book which can be enjoyed on lots of different levels – and at different ages (young to old). It is a wonderful adventure, mostly taking place in the remote northernmost part of our planet, close to the North Pole – the land of frozen tundra, glaciers, polar bears, witches (in Pullman’s telling) and the awe-inspiring northern lights. (If you don’t know what the northern lights are, google them and look at some images.) There’s a cast of exotic characters – the aristocratic and brilliant Lord Asriel; cruel and seductive Mrs Coulter; the noble armoured bear Iorek Byrnison (where exactly did the inspired idea of armoured polar bears come from?!); the beautiful witch queen Serafina Pekkala; the balloonist and adventurer Lee Scoresby; and, of course, silver-tongued Lyra Belacqua. And there are all the extraordinary daemons. Read and enjoy the book for all these things!

    As for what the book’s about, at a deep level, this is not easy to say but here are some thoughts… A powerful church, known as the Magisterium, wants to cut away the human soul or spirit – the human imagination (the inner dialogue we hold with ourselves) you might say, represented by the daemons in the book. By doing this, it intends to ‘freeze’ people in a child-like state and to stop them losing their ‘innocence’ as they grow up. Philip Pullman thinks this is a terrible thing to want to do, and that we should all welcome growing up, with all the complications that brings. Pullman is an atheist – he doesn’t believe in God – and I don’t think he much likes organized religion. (As the old joke goes, if there is a God, the best you could say is that he’s done a pretty bad job!) Pullman believes that we can learn as much about right and wrong, and how we should lead our lives, from stories as from religion. As he puts it: ‘Thou shalt not’ might reach the head, but it takes ‘Once upon a time’ to reach the heart.”

  15. swood says:

    It really kicks off an incredible trilogy. Its AMAZING!!!

  16. mbrooks says:

    I really like this book, and everything Lyra does to rescue her friend, Roger .
    This is a great book

  17. ibuglione says:

    This cool book is an amazing adventure

  18. swood says:

    I absolutely loved reading this book and the other two in the trilogy. Lyra and her dæmon Pantilimon are from another world with witches, armoured bears and Lyra’s evil mother: Miss Coulter! This amazing book and trilogy is a must for any fantasy fans.

  19. kclarke says:


    I loved the Northern Lights and the rest of the trilogy but the first book is a little bit gruesome. The reason for this is that Iorek Byrnison rips out Iofur Raknison’s heart and eats it in front of Iofur’s followers. My favourite book is the Amber Spyglass because Will and Lyra fall in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lfrancis says:

    I love this book, it’s very good and enjoyable. It’s about a girl in another world called Lyra. She has a compass that tells her things about things that she wouldn’t normally know. And she goes on an epic adventure.

  21. jwhite says:

    I found the Northern Lights very interesting and very weird but in a good way. I would recommend this book to people who like magic and stuff like that.

  22. sstrong says:

    I just love this book. I read it about 2 years ago. It’s a great book but a really bad film.I cant wait to read the other two! Although we cant agree which ones next! WARNING THIS BOOK HAS A REALLY SAD ENDING!! WHEN I WAS 8 I NEARLY CRIED! Now I’m kind of over it. JUST READ IT!

  23. nsampson says:

    An amazing fantasy story from Phillip Pullman’s amazing dark materials trilogy, I would recommend it to anyone who likes animal dæmons and armoured bears. If you do like them then this a perfect book for you.

  24. ebarrett says:

    I found this book really dramatic and out there as a book and I do recommend it to people. Well, I recommend the entire series of them. Even though I haven’t actually read the other ones, people who I have spoken to have really enjoyed the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass.