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Ian Falconer

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Olivia is a very naughty pig and she draws a giant picture on the wall with no frame. She was definitely told off. I liked this book because Olivia made a giant sandcastle and wears people out a lot. It is a very funny book and I loved all her clothes.

Elin Roberts, 2MG (2017)


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53 comments on “Olivia

  1. Hannah Hartland says:

    I liked this book so much. Olivia was a naughty pig because she painted on the walls. I liked it when she looked at all the pictures in the art gallery and imagined being in the picture.

  2. Frederick Magkiriadis says:

    I liked that Olivia made a very big sand castle.
    I liked it when Olivia got time out for drawing on the wall.

  3. Annabel Pickstone says:

    I like pigs. I love this book. (Feb 2018)

  4. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I have always enjoyed reading this book since I was born (even though I wouldn’t understand a thing!!)
    I like it partly because Olivia has a very anoying younger brother ( just like me!!)
    I would reccomend this book to anyone!!

  5. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    The sandcastle is pretty amazing, and I love her drawing on the wall. It’s a nice funny book.

  6. Nell Hardman says:

    Nell enjoyed this book. ‘I enjoyed the little piggy looking at the ballerina picture’.
    ‘I didn’t like it when the piggy drew on her Mummy’s wall’.

  7. Leo Trelfer says:

    I didn’t like it very much because I didn’t like it when she scribbled on the wall.

  8. Ms Hattingh says:

    We loved Olivia! We thought it was very funny when she painted her wall.

  9. Mr Ellis says:

    Nursery quite liked the book and listened well 🙂

  10. Ms Griffiths says:

    Anaya – Olivia was trying to make the picture
    Nell – She couldn’t make the picture
    Eva – she got messy
    Noah – Olivia wanted o read five books.
    Xanthei – she was trying to make a picture

  11. Frances Hartland says:

    I thought Olivia was naughty because she painted on the wall. And she was funny when she tried on all her clothes when she got dressed.

  12. fkirkwood says:

    I remember reading this book when I was young and it was really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Henry Roberts says:

    This book is about a pig called Olivia and her little brother Ian. I love it when Olivia’s mum teaches her how to make a sandcastle and the book says it’s pretty good, but it’s really, really good. It’s a funny book but it’s a bit boring. I think this book would be good for 2 to 4 year olds. I think my younger sister would like it.

  14. rhogan says:

    Olivia used to be the best thing in the world for me and I used to watch and read it 24/7. I think everyone even adults should read Olivia

  15. llincoln says:

    Olivia is a naughty pig who always gets in trouble I love this book.

  16. krian says:

    I liked the sandcastle that Olivia built and I laughed my socks off

  17. bruby says:

    i liked wen olivia didant want to have a sleep.
    this book is vere funy it maid me largh.

  18. fcaelan says:

    I like the parts where Olivia splattered paint on the wall and built a big tower out of sand. I like Olivia because she is a bit naughty and she does lots of different things.

  19. eroberts says:

    Olivia is a very naughty pig and she draws a giant picture on the wall with no frame. She was definitely told off. I liked this book because Olivia made a giant sandcastle and wears people out a lot. It is a very funny book and I loved all her clothes.

    1. Mr Milne says:

      What a great comment. I hope you won’t mind if I use it for the main ‘blurb’ about the book on the website.

      Mr Milne

  20. aroberts says:

    I liked it when she makes a tall sandcastle and when she drew a mess on the wall. Her mummy put her in time out. She should have done it on a piece of paper. She got sun burnt.

  21. astrigo says:

    I love the painting bit!?? and the getting dressed part?

  22. zbates says:

    Olivia and Ian traditional siblings .

  23. fgeach says:

    I liked this book because there is two pigs, and they always eat pancakes for breakfast. Olivia is really cheeky and tells fibs about what she did on the weekend. She loves to wear a red dress with a black bow, and stripey tights.

  24. tgray says:

    I loved this book when I first read it. It’s a book everyone can enjoy

  25. mattellis says:

    we enjoyed the book.We liked the getting dressed bit, the dinner, painting and the bath. In fact the whole routine

  26. mmaccallumhall says:

    Great book from when I was younger and I recommend this book for most of the ks1 as it is funny and entertaining

  27. bbigueyapua says:

    I ? this book because that pig who,s called Olivai is so cute

  28. anecea says:

    Olivia is a good character because she is an amazing ?

  29. ssuarez says:

    I like this book is really fun and funy

  30. lmulroe says:

    I think this is a really interesting book because Olivia is really funy

  31. fboyd says:

    I liked the book becaus it was funny. I liked when Olivia builed the big tower sandcasle.

    Finn Boyd 1IH 2017

  32. fmckenzieoneill says:

    I thought it was brilliant when I was younger but know i’ve lost intrest

  33. Mr Milne says:

    It’s great that little Olivia has such a bubbly and irrepressible personality and is bags of fun and energy – but, most of all, I enjoyed the book for the illustrations

  34. dhogan says:

    I used to read this book and watch the cartoon of Olivia the pig.
    She may be young but I am telling you she is a little bratty ! Olivia has a little brother and they have a big garden. Why don’t you read it to find out some more

    Daisy 6CM 6.12.16

  35. glukalu says:

    olivia,just an amazing book. she is a wonderful always up to michief young girl or should i say pig.

  36. mpatten says:

    Olivia is my all time favourite! It just never gets old.The bit I like most is when she comes home from the museum and does some painting but it gets really messy so her mum gives her a bath.

    1. Aaron Mobereola says:

      That was a good comment because she explains the book and says it is her favourite.

  37. egeach says:

    An amazing book for a girl like me

  38. dgrindle says:

    olivia like to do alot of things enkloded tring on no atfits.

  39. sgregory says:

    Olivia it is such a amazing pig she never gives up her dream of being a ballerina.

  40. rdraper says:

    a funny book for all ages.

  41. sashley says:

    it is a great story book about a ballerina called Olivia. I liked the book as it was funny.

  42. kdouglaslodge2 says:

    Olivia is a pig that is good at doing lots of things and likes trying on lots of costumes.she also likes to try new things like painting a picture she sees on the wall.I remember reading this in RKM.

  43. oleach says:

    It’s about a little girl pig who loves trying costumes on. She finds a painting and she tries to paint it on a wall and gets really messed up so her mother gives her a warm bath. We read this in 1LD and I loved Olivia’s clothes and that her name is nearly like mine!

  44. aridgeway says:

    Olivia is a pig who is good at lots of things. I liked this book very much because Olivia goes to the beach on sunny days and on rainy days she goes to the museum to see her favourite picture.

  45. oridgeway says:

    I read this story to my sister. She liked it. I thought it was a bit boring because there wasn’t enough action.

  46. akeigher says:

    This book is good and I like it. I mostly recommend this to little kids

  47. bgugliotta says:

    It is a good book for little guys .

  48. sstrong says:

    I just love this book. I have read it again and again and again. It just never gets old.

  49. agrindle says:

    Olivia is a great book and my favourite bit in it is when she paints on the wall.

  50. ozamprogna says:

    I used to read this book when I was little. Good memories…