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One Thousand and One Nights

Folk and fairy tales

Folk tales from the Middle East and Asia.   A young girl tells the tales to the king over 1001 consecutive nights, in order to delay her own execution – blurb to follow.



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9 comments on “One Thousand and One Nights

  1. dbaribumpe says:

    really nice book tells a nice storiey

  2. claque says:

    1001 nights is the tale of Sherazade who is one of the last women in a country and has to tell the king stories to save her neck. I particularly enjoyed the story of Sindbad the Sailor who makes money by traveling around the world. This is a collection of stories with the perfect length to read as a bedtime story.

  3. Mr Milne says:

    Wonderful tales, filled with romance, adventure and magic, collected over many hundreds of years from across Arabia and much of Asia, framed by the intriguing and appalling story of the 1001 nights. The most famous of the tales, along with the genies and magic carpets, have become part of Western folklore. If you enjoyed the 1001 nights (or The Arabian nights as sometimes known), then why not try another of the 100 books called The Land of Green Ginger. In this book Aladdin has become emperor of China and the story relates the hilarious romantic adventures of his son Abu Ali.

  4. mrothwellstopps says:

    This is a very magical story

  5. sheckscher says:

    This book is utterly amazing!

  6. astrigo says:

    One word to describe this book :MAGICAL??

  7. ibuglione says:

    I love the magic in this book

  8. hheyhoetedstone says:

    i have the Usborne version called Arabian Nights and i love the stories in side it because they are full of adventure especially the ones about Sinbad’s journeys across the seas. The story of the fisherman and the genie has a clever twist.

  9. sstrong says:

    To be honest I have never read this. Although I watched the show of it at the unicorn theatre and that was just amazing so I am expecting that the book will be even amazinger, if that even is a word. I can’t give the book any stars because I haven’t read it yet but I will give the show …