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Other favourite books

Tell us about books that should be included in our top 100, but aren’t.


132 comments on “Other favourite books

  1. smohamed says:

    I really wanted the BFG to be in the top 100

  2. esampson says:

    i am number four is a good series of books but most people don’t know it.

    1. Mr Milne says:

      I’d love to have a look if you bring in a copy – Mr Milne

  3. ibuglione says:

    Where is cogheart(aka the best book in the world)

  4. ibuglione says:

    I think that Ruby Redfort should be on instead of clarice bean

  5. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I think the BFG should be on here because it is fantastic and is one of my favourite books

    1. ibuglione says:

      Sort but I can’t agree with you

  6. tiwatafurlonger says:

    I think that the outstanding broccoli boy should be in the top 100 because I am really enjoying reading it and I think it’s a pretty funny story.

  7. aharper says:

    I think Last wild and Dark wild. They are about a Kester and him escaping. He finds a cocroch and a stag. The aimals give him the power to speak to them. His adventure just began…

  8. akeigher says:

    I think Gangster Granny should be on here because it’s a really funny book because there is a granny who is a GANGSTER.

  9. obates says:

    I think that a book called Big Wish should be on there because it is a strange book where an ordinary boy makes a wish-for a million wishes! He can do anything exept break the laws of logic, like wishing for a round square. He could even make water run uphill!

  10. akeigher says:

    I think they should add big Nate because it’s a really funny book and I think loads of people read this book

  11. sconteh says:

    I think they should add to the 100 books Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Not because everyone is suggesting it.Its because it’s actually a really good book. I just finished reading it like 1 month ago and I loved it.It was funny and cheeky.

    1. ibuglione says:

      I think so to

  12. akeigher says:

    I think Tom Gates should be on here because loads of people read the series?I

    1. ibuglione says:

      Yes you are right Tom gates Tom gates Tom gates

  13. akeigher says:

    I think they should add Diary Of A Wimpy kid because loads of people read the series and alot more people would use the rosendale bookshelf

  14. nludewick says:


  15. nludewick says:


  16. edixonhitchcock says:

    I think you should read Skellig alot of people like it and i think you will to i think you will like the bit where they first find Skellig.

  17. dhogan says:

    I think that a few diary of a wimpy kid could push the list of the boards with passion and laughter because it is an amazing book for many people.

  18. Nathan Callender says:

    i think that diary of wimpy kid Dog Days because it is a good book to read .I enjoyed it when i first read it because i really wanted to know what is was about before i read it.Although it is about Gregory who want to stay inside all day during the summer but his mum wants him to go to the beach with manny

  19. vmendoza says:

    I think they should add horrid Henry to the book club because he’s funny but nasty and naurty please next year

  20. vmendoza says:

    I think they should add Tom gates because he’s really good at drawing and a bit cheeky or more roald Dahl because he’s book are good please next year

  21. efuller says:

    I think that there should be the whole series of Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone .

    1. llincoln says:

      I totally agree. In my opinion the fifth book is way better than the first one,

  22. glukalu says:

    my fave book is the spy who ate school dinners because it is really funny and mysterious and very coool

  23. nraganabashtaqi says:

    i think a book called The pugs of the frozen north is an imaginative mystical world where anything is possible i mean there is snow that you can make into noodles come on

  24. edixonhitchcock says:

    Tom gates or diary of a wimpy kid

    1. vmendoza says:

      I agree a lot edixonhitchcock

  25. ikanarski says:

    You should add Alex riders series to the book club because it is really adventurous and fun to read because loads of unexpected things happen.

  26. vmendoza says:

    I think they should add my brother is a superhero but it said expect that I need a wee the brother said that’s what I think they should add it to the top 100

  27. myislam says:

    I think dairy of the wimpy kid all of them should be on the top 100 because it is really awesome and funny my favriote was dairy of the wimpy kids old school.

  28. psolis says:

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of my top books. It’s funny when he gets into trouble with his friends.But the thing I like about this book is that he always has a plan but it doesn’t end well but it sometimes works so this is why I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  29. fmitchellcox says:

    Gangsta Granny by David Walliams is a funny, silly, joyful and a bit sad but it’s a lovely book it’s about a boy who thinks his granny is boring but actually she’s a sneeky old lady stealing £100,000s of dollas evry night! but then both of them plan a very sneeky act that has never ever been carried out before! I really really think you should read this book its really good!
    but theres a sad surprise at the end 🙁

    1. vmendoza says:

      Yeah they should add that the granny so funny but she dies no

  30. fmitchellcox says:

    Well I loved the critmasusars it was about a family of dinos that was frozen in ice and an egg survived and in the north poles and santa’s elves found it and it eventually hatched into a dinosaurs and helped Santa deliver presents. IT’s a lovely book.

  31. tbraganza says:

    I really enjoyed Hamish and the Worldstoppers. It’s about a boy called Hamish who, in a geog class at his school, notices that everything had suddenly stopped. He names these pauses, well, Pauses and thinks they are awesome! But then he meets the Terribles, who are the Worldstoppers. Can Hamish and his new-found friends stop the Terribles before it’s too late?

  32. tbraganza says:

    Anthony Horowitz’s The Diamond Brothers should be on the list because it is really funny and has awful detectives in, possibly my favourite thing in the world. 😀

  33. Erin Rees says:

    The apothecary , is a brilliant and thrilling read with amazing characters. This book is filled with twists , but not too many that you lose yourself in the plot . It is about a girl, Janie , who is moved from sunny L.A to the dull drizzle of London . There she meets Benjamin, who dreams of being a spy . But when Benjamin’s father , a mysterious apothecary, is kidnapped , he entrusts Janie and Benjamin with a powerful book , a book full of ancient secrets . Benjamin and Janie are not the only ones who want the book . Will they find Benjamin’s father before it’s too late ? READ IT TO FIND OUT !! Highly recommend. Erin

  34. kjohnsonagley says:

    I think that the uncommoners(the crooked sixpence) by Jennifer Bell should be on book club because normall objects in are world have incrediball power in the city of lundinor for e.g a silver bell would tell you the way a candles wick will hide you and a crooked sixpence will be the first warning TIME IS RUNNING OUT. But where there is power evil often lurks and Ivy and Seb must get to the bottom of a family secret… Before it’s too late!!

  35. Agnes Milne says:


  36. fmitchellcox says:

    In the Top 100 Books we should have more David Walliams books like: Rat Burger.There so we will give more selections for children.

  37. tluppi says:

    Toby Alone/Toby and the secrets of the tree duoilidgy should be here!

  38. bmedforth says:

    I think Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates should be on here.

  39. ewhitelaw says:

    One of the books I like that isn’t on here is Murder most unladylike

  40. akeigher says:

    One of my other favourite books which isn’t on here is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.

  41. nhyderkhan says:

    Yes, finally I agree with Christian. Dork Diaries should be on the Rosendale Book club and so should the misadventure of max crumbly locker hero

  42. nludewick says:

    I would really like the water baby’s to be read by everyone! It is a brilliant book with funny parts, sad parts and just odd chapters. Thanks!

  43. Agnes Milne says:

    A book by Rick Riordan

  44. elubi says:

    A really good book that I have read in the past is called My sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson.
    This book is about two sisters who have to move to a new school and they are both not very pleased about it.I would definitely recommend this book its great!

  45. famin says:

    A boy called Hope is an exciting adventure about a boy whose dad left when he was seven. As he tries to find him he goes to all sorts of places but when he does find him he’s in for a surprise.

  46. tom.milne1@btinternet.com says:

    Moominvalley in November

    1. tluppi says:

      Mr Milne, You had the power to put it on!

  47. tbraganza says:

    You should include The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. WHY ISN’T IT ON THE LIST?!

  48. epenaperalta2 says:

    skulldugery pleasant should SOOOO be on the 100. just because ive only read the first 2 doesn’t mean I don’t … something!

  49. kjohnsonagley says:

    The world of norm should be in there. It is the best comedy book ever written in the English language. ?????

  50. cyeboahkodie says:

    I have never read this but I was told by millions of people to comment why isn’t Dork Diaries on the book club list…

    1. kjohnsonagley says:

      I do agree. I think dork diaries should be on there because it is hilarious and in a weird way teaches you about secondary school that you would not realise. But I do have one question IF YOU HAVE NEVER READ IT HOW COME YOU PUT IT ON?????

      1. ibuglione says:

        Yes if you haven’t read it how do you know it is good. For all you know it could be the worst book in the world