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Other favourite books

Tell us about books that should be included in our top 100, but aren’t.


132 comments on “Other favourite books

    1. fives says:

      Pax is a book about a boy who has to set free his pet fox and sets on a trek to find him.

    1. jsnowdon says:

      Jonah mr gum😡😡😡

  1. jsnowdon says:

    Every other Harry Potter book or JK Rowling book ever made!

  2. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman is crazy, scary and brilliant.

  3. dreynolds says:

    Please put the Bolds in because it is the funniest book in the world and the humour in it is sometimes a bit rude because it sometimes talks about bums. ???????????????

  4. dreynolds says:

    Please can you put in some Barry loser books ’cause there really funny and use really weird words like keel instead of cool