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16 comments on “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

  1. dbaker says:

    I love it so,so,so,so much!
    because I also love Greeksso,so,so,so,much.

    From DYLAN

  2. jmitchell says:

    An adventures war between morden life and Greek myths and tales?

  3. aharper says:

    It is a page turner. I couldn’t put it down.

  4. jmitchell says:

    Percy’s a good boy and a half-blood, and a very young boy so he’s got fantastic fighting skills.
    The book also has a great Greek taste in a brilliant way ⚡️?

  5. kgravil says:

    This book is good if you like adventures

  6. kgravil says:

    This a very good book because percy Jackson’s bus had broken down

  7. redwards says:

    This book is amazing because I really like that Percy has to fight loads of monsters.??

  8. aimam says:

    Percy Jackson and the lighting their was a good book because It’s all about adventure and there’s Percy that’s cutting off Medusa’s head of which is pretty cool ??

  9. fsmith says:

    Percy Jackson is a great book full of fighting and adventure. A great book for any ages who love fighting and ancient myths. ????

  10. csimmons says:

    I rate this book five stars because luc put the lighting bolt in Percy’s shield and everyone think that Percy has stole the lighting bolt.?✌

  11. llincoln says:

    I read this book last year and I loved it. It is about a boy who discovers his dad is Poseidon.

  12. rrostam2 says:

    I love this book because I am interested in Greek gods

  13. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    When Percy finds out he is the son of Poseidon the sea god he has awesome powers and goes on an adventure to recover zues’ lightning bolt!

  14. risaacs says:

    I really love it.The mist is really cool I have read the rest of the series and the series after that. Riptide is so EPIC. Ball point pen to sword. you learn a lot about Greek mythology and the book is just sublime.

  15. rhirt says:

    This book is amazing.

  16. Agnes Milne says:

    I loved this book and after reading this book I went on to read the rest of the series and I also loved them. One of the many reasons that I liked this book was because it is all about Greek mythology which I am obsessed with.