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Peter Pan
J M Barrie

Fantasy and science fiction

Have you ever read a book as magical as Peter Pan?  Peter Pan takes Wendy, John and Michael on a magical ride to Neverland where Captain Hook and his men are waiting.

Abigail Burgess 2RU


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90 comments on “Peter Pan

  1. Chyanne Rodney says:

    Peter Pan😎💇👲🙆 is quite strange because his shadow never attached and he also like never aged👶but was very brave

  2. amacarthur says:

    I like this book because it is funny and wonderful I like it when they go into never land😜

  3. nwaters says:

    I like this book because peter has very cool powers and the fairy 🧚‍♀️ is naughty and he always tells her off 🕺🏽

  4. areidwright says:

    I read this when I was little and I couldn’t stop dreaming about it
    The persons mind is incredible!!!!

  5. areidwright says:

    It’s inspiring and adventures I loved every minute of it

  6. rtensue says:

    This book is really good and I like it because it shoes people that you should not be scared of people because we’re all human

  7. khale says:

    I think this book very funny because there’s a dad,a child,another child & another child & a mum (and Peter Pan and tinkerbell) and they take the children on a epic adventure and arrive at captain hooks ship!

  8. khale says:

    I think this book very funny because there’s a dad,a child,another child & another child & a mum (and Peter Pan and tinkerbell) and they take the children on a epic adventure and arrive at captain hooks ship

  9. lgrillorodriguez says:

    My favourite part is when Peter pans shadow comes into the room and he tries to stick his shadow back with soap.

  10. ecoyle says:

    This is quite a difficult book to get into and I wasn’t reading it that often so I lost the flow of it. I have now restarted it and it’s making a whole lot more sense. My favourite part so far is when Toothless shoots down the ” Wendy bird” is is a really good book and I recommend it to ages 9+

  11. rhirt says:

    I found it a magical book that brings you into a world of miracles.You can fly through the book with your own pixie dust. I really enjoyed this exciting tale of Peter Pan.

  12. gwilsonlitt says:

    Flying would be great fun!

  13. rhogan says:

    Peter Pan is an amazing book about a boy called Peter and he flys into Wendy, Michael and Jhon Darlings bedroom and takes them to the Netherlands! When they arrive they come across peters friends, the lost boys(and Tinkerbell of course) but the Pirates trap her and she nearly dies! Read the book to find out more.

  14. kruh says:

    I think this book is truly magical and it was also a great way to have time for your family ????

  15. glincoln says:

    I love this book because I would want to fly but not with Captain Hook around.

  16. lbailie says:

    i think this book i fantastic !
    who hasn’t read it?!

  17. aburgess says:

    This book is a really good magical scene of friendly characters but not the Pirates……………….

  18. mpatten says:

    When Peter Pan comes in search of his shadow and wakes Wendy and her two brothers they come back to never land and follow him on a adventure to defeat Captain Hook!I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the part when they first start flying.

  19. jhawkes says:

    I love this book because it’s oubut boy how could fly. ?

  20. Mr Ricketts says:

    This is probably one of the earliest books I can remember reading. I like the idea of flying so the ability to do so appealed to me. Sword fighting was also fun.

  21. fpatten says:

    This a great book because of its utter magic. I love how inventive never land is and I also really like the general plot

  22. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    If I could go to any magical place it would be Neverland!

  23. ecoyle says:

    I’m reading this book at the moment and I love it! It is amazing!??⭐️

  24. llincoln says:

    I love this book. Peter Pan brings Wendy, Michael and John to Neverland where the lost boys are waiting for them to help them defeat Captain Hook and his fellow pirates once and for all.

  25. hhall says:

    I like this book it’s magical and detailed and the part where Wendy , John and Michael fight the Pirates without Peter Pan is in descriptive language how they all handle the Pirates.

  26. snolan says:

    peter pan is a good book because I like this book it is a good book you should rid the dook

  27. dbaribumpe says:

    This is a good book because it is interesting in the bit when she can fly

  28. bbigueyapua says:

    I love peter Pan because I think when I was in year 1 Peter Pan came and I heard the story it was so good you know that it was good wasn’t it so i’m really really looking forward to it

  29. mrothwellstopps says:

    This is a very magical story

  30. astrigo says:

    This book is magical and the story is wonderful!

  31. rmundle says:

    I like the part when Wendy, John, Michael and Peter pan fly high.

  32. csimmons says:

    I chose this book because my fvourite part was when peter comes and put fairy dust onto the children and they start to fly like Peter Pan and that’s why I chose this book

  33. krian says:

    I loved it and I chose to dress up as Peter Pan for World Book Day. I have a shortened version of this book and look forward to reading the full version when I’m bigger

  34. insudohparish says:

    i like this book because peter pan is cute when he is a babby

  35. tbarkar says:

    I think this book is amazing because in my head its very colourful. Wendy, John and Michael and the Lost Boys go on lots of adventures together, fighting Captain Hook and saving the day. Peter has passion and never gives up! And he is very sparky. As they fly through the sky I feel like I am with them. J. M. Barrie should be proud of himself because I think he is one of the best writers in the world. Everyone should read this book!

    1. keley says:

      The only thing that I can be myself ?Theo!

  36. hcookson says:

    Captain Hook was waiting on his ship for Peter Pan and then Peter Pan came and had a fight with him. All of the children and Wendy got tied up.

  37. gbrown2 says:

    Peter Pan is a great book because it has lots of good detail

  38. dmcevoy says:

    I love this book