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Peter Pan
J M Barrie

Fantasy and science fiction

Have you ever read a book as magical as Peter Pan?  Peter Pan takes Wendy, John and Michael on a magical ride to Neverland where Captain Hook and his men are waiting.

Abigail Burgess 2RU


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87 comments on “Peter Pan

  1. anecea says:

    Peter Pan is the best book I’ve ever read

  2. wdixonhitchcock says:

    he is amazing because he can fly

  3. gbrown2 says:

    I think peter pan is a really good.

  4. wmortensen says:

    I think it is a good book because it was fun and magical.

  5. nbriggs says:

    I liked Peter Pan because I liked it when the crocodile almost ate Captain Hook.

  6. eharper says:

    I liked peter pan because I like the bit when captin hook dies.

  7. insudohparish says:

    i love it because it is so good

  8. oridgeway says:

    Peter Pan is a very exiting book.The thing about the book that I like
    is when the beat the Pirates when the fight.The reason why I like
    this book is because it’s so adventurous.

  9. mmaccallumhall says:

    This book is one of the most magical books I’ve ever read. It is great for younger children all the way up to adults. The whole book is full of action and description . Wendy and her two brothers are taken away to never land by the well known Peter Pan and tinker bell . But tinker bell is jealous of Wendy . And Wendy and her two brothers have an important decision to make.Stay with Peter ,the lost boys and tinker bell and never grow up . Or go back home to there parents .what shall they choose?

  10. vmendoza says:

    Peter Pan Is a good book but Captain Hook is evil nice and rude and captures people

  11. ibuglione says:

    peter pan is the best magical novel i have ever read.i think that there should be a million captain hooks in the world

  12. nsood says:

    This book is a magical tale about a young boy Peter Pan and his fairy Tinker Bell who comes to three children during the night and then takes them to the lovely place Neverland but in Neverland there is the evil man Captain Hook and his crew.

  13. fsemenkov says:

    J M BARRIE had the right to make this unimaginable book – it is the best book I ever read

  14. aglynthomas says:

    This book set my imagination on a journey of magical fantasies.Peter Pan,just by holding their hands,takes three childrens hands and takes them on an adventure.

  15. ebrown says:

    Peter Pan is a magical tale about three kids meeting a young boy and his fairy that takes them to Neverland.But little do they know danger lurked in this magical place…..

  16. wsimwogerere says:

    A child’s classic about a young boy called Peter who embarks on a crazy adventure to stop the devilish fiend named Captain Hook and his crew

  17. dhogan says:

    Magic,imagination this book has got everything! Reading this book is much better than watching the movie. There is much more detail.

  18. jorozcomejia says:

    i like this book and i watch the film as well.

  19. cyeboahkodie says:

    i love peter pan because you can imagine what is happening in the story in your mind.

  20. nraganabashtaqi says:

    If you have never read Peter Pan you are mad its a wonderous unimaginable this is a magical land filled with surprises i love the book more than the movies as this was the book that i’ve read almost every night until i was about six or seven i was so hooked on the story once i got some glitter sprinkled it on my head and tried to fly weird right.

  21. hhall says:

    This book is really good because its very imaginative. they save each other and are so thoughtful.

  22. edixonhitchcock says:

    I love the traditional tale of Peter Pan. I love this book especially when Wendy has to sew on peter’s shadow and when they fly to never land and meet the lost boys and defeat Captain Hook

  23. rmcquade says:

    peter pan invites wendy michlel and john to neverland . peter pan askes wendy if she can be the lost boys mother . the indians hide under trees to try and catch wendy and her brothers the best part is when peter and wendys brothers save wendy from captin hooks derty old plank

  24. iburgess says:

    I love this book because it is filled with lot’s of magical fantasy and adventure. Plus my sister abigail wrote the blurb you see up top.

  25. sgregory says:

    My favourite character is peter pan when went to Neverland it felt like I was there to.

  26. psolis says:

    When I started reading Peter Pan I was excited with all the description all about what Peter Pan. My most favourite part is when Captain Hook got almost got eaten by the crocodile.

  27. madom2 says:

    Peter Pan is an amazing book. I think the funniest bit is when Captain Hook almost got eaten by the crocodile.

  28. cgray says:

    i think its wonderfull that they can fly

  29. jlaidlaw says:

    I really liked this book. It was perfectly written and uses a very good selection of vocabulary.

  30. trostam says:

    Peter Pan is a boy who can fly and goes to save a girl called Wendy from capten hook.

  31. Mr Milne says:

    I thought this was a masterpiece. There is too much to say about the book to attempt a short review – and I need to read the book again first anyway – but, as well as being a brilliant adventure story for children, beautifully written, the author plays with deep and thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing ideas about childhood, parenthood, society and much much more. There are some extremely funny parts, not least the crocodile, and Mr Darling’s celebrated spell in Nana’s kennel, and Hook’s last reflections on ‘good form’. (There has been a lot of discussion about the mysterious gentleman-pirate Hook. In a speech given to pupils at Eton College, the author said that Hook was a former student of Eton College (and Balliol College, Oxford) and indicated that revealing the identity of this character would create a scandal, implying that he was someone of great importance prior to his transformation into the barbaric pirate.) There are racist descriptions of the Indian tribe – the book was written more than 100 years ago and we are much less racist now than we were then. You might want to think about the different roles for boys and girls in the book. Do you agree with the way they are portrayed? Did you expect Peter Pan to be quite so self-obsessed and fickle? In summary, this is an utterly marvellous book, which is much more complex than I had expected. There are some words, sentences and paragraphs that you might find a little hard to understand. My advice is not to worry and enjoy a great and timeless novel. I can’t wait to read what you think about it.

  32. akeigher says:

    Peter Pan is a magical book about a boy who never grows up and lives in Netherland

  33. trostam says:

    I love this book. It has lots of scenes and Wendy is really confused when she sees Peter Pan. It’s great.

  34. swood says:

    One night Peter flies Wendy, John and Micheal to the wonderous land of magic known as never land. There they need to defeat the evil Captain Hook and his pirate crew. Can the darling children help Peter swashbuckle his way to victory?

  35. ikanarski says:

    Peter Pan is a moving book about a boy who had magical powers and he took three friends of his!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. rbrissett says:

    Peter Pan was good and sad.

  37. bgugliotta says:

    If you have a fun and creative brain you will like this good book .

  38. bgugliotta says:

    Peter Pan is for creative chilldren

  39. khale says:

    I think this book is great for kids

  40. cgray says:

    I think this book is brilliant.

  41. jhawkes says:

    per is real good and i love it .

  42. aburgess says:

    I love this book because they have a magical adventure on a ride to the Neverland.The characters in this magical book is Wendy,John and Michael don’t forget Peter Pan and the Pirates with there leader evil Captain Hook.They go through the big fluffy,white clouds and they spy carefully on Captain Hook but instead they get caught by Captain Hook and Captain Hook warned his men and they had to do what he told them to do.Also Tinkerbell gets in a fight because Peter likes Wendy.

    1. iburgess says:

      What you mean to say is “Tinkerbell is angry ? because Peter loves Wendy.” But good job ? and your blurb is up top dude?✌️?????

  43. psanchezgermain says:

    I realy like peater pan because it is so magical and i like it when pan and captain hook

  44. agrindle says:

    Peter Pan is a great book and I love the bit when they fly away to Neverland.

  45. nhyderkhan says:

    I love this book. My favourite part was when they travelled to Neverland

  46. sconteh says:

    This is an interesting,magical and epic book Peter Pan takes Wendy,Micheal and John to Neverland! Although the down bit is that mean old Captain Hook is here and he is not to happy.

  47. lfrancis says:

    I love this book. It’s an epic adventure about three children a flying boy and a fairy.
    And their enemy Captain Hook.5 stars.

  48. khenryjackson says:

    i enjoyed this book. It was very fun to read

  49. ggonzalezalzate says:

    I like this book. I have a favourite part that is the whole book

  50. cyeboahkodie says:

    Mr Milne told me to read this then I said “I have already watched the movie” then he said trust me it is better than the movie and then I got into the book and I really enjoyed it.