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Pippi Longstocking
Astrid Lindgren



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9 comments on “Pippi Longstocking

  1. vmendoza says:

    Its a great story to read. It’s about a kid named Pippi Longstockings.She has no parents.She doesn’t go to school so she is quite dumb.She thinks her mum is an angel because she died when she was born.She also thinks her dad is a cannibal king because one day he got blown into the wind.She lives in a cottage named Villkulla cottage.

    1. ameyricrothstein says:

      I don’t think she is dumb she is actually quite clever because she didn’t let the robbers rob her.

  2. ameyricrothstein says:

    Pippi Longstocking is a very cheeky girl.She sleeps upsidown to!

  3. mpatten says:

    This is a book About a strange and adventures girl who lives on her own and has some extremely weird habits!I love this book about Pippy and the adventures she has!great read !

  4. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    Pippi is extremely strong and uses it to cheer up the childeren in and out of school.

  5. rhogan says:

    When I was reading pipi long stockings I found it really funny and I loved her…. Different way of sleeping in bed. ?If you haven’t read this book you must read it right now

  6. nbraganza says:

    This book is about a crazy girl who lives on her own.She has lots of adventures and she is very strong.l like it because it is funny.

  7. ecoyle says:

    This book of short story’s is soooooooo funny I love reading it every so often to make me lol!???

  8. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed this book and all of its clearly unreal moments like when Pippi lifted the horse