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David Almond

Mysteries and ghost stories

Imagine this: you’ve just moved to a new house, away from your friends, and your newly-born baby sister is gravely ill in hospital, pale and motionless.  You only begin to find yourself when you figure out the dark and beautiful secret in your garage.   This is Michael’s story.

Sofia Alves, 6RG (2016)


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24 comments on “Skellig

  1. amacarthur says:

    I do not like this book so much because I did not understand it

    1. tom.milne1@btinternet.com says:

      I think it is hard to say exactly what Skellig is ‘about’ – but I also think that it’s a great book and I’d encourage you to re-read it in a couple of years’ time. It’s one of the books that you might study in Year 5 or 6.
      Mr Milne

  2. kclarke says:

    This is a touching story about a boy named Michael whose family has moved house. Their new home is an absolute dump; the garden is a wilderness, the garage is crumbling and dusty and the house itself is broken and dirty. Michael is very adventurous and is attracted to their old garage. The garage is filled with boxes and damaged furniture which must have belonged to previous inhabitants. Here he finds Skellig. Michael and his newfound friend Mina must help this mysterious creature.

  3. rboamah says:

    I loved this book! I decided to start reading it when a friend recommended it to me. It’s about a boy called Michael who had recently moved houses. He goes into the crumbling garage and finds something or someone who wants aspirin and 27 and 53 (the order numbers from a Chinese takeaway). Michael later finds out that this creature is called Skellig and has Arthritis. There is much more to the story but you are simply going to have to read it to understand.

  4. bdavies says:

    This is an amazing book because it’s all about a boy, Micheal, a girl, Mina, and a creature you never find out fully what he is, Skellig. This takes place in a new house that has a dangerous basement, which Skellig lived in for most of the book. Soon, after having a lot of 27 and 53, he moved into a derelict house that he finally learned to walk again. Meanwhile, Micheals newborn sister is struggling to stay alive. In the end, Skellig disappears into the wilderness and Micheals sister is home and safe!

  5. Mr Ricketts says:

    This book I have in audio form and have read with past classes. Skellig is a mystery. How he got where he is nobody knows. But meeting Michael gives them both a chance to be happy after some difficult passed experiences.

  6. Ms Fee says:

    David Almond’s writing contains some of my favourite bits of description. I love the way that Almond never completely explains who or what Skellig is. I enjoyed the fact that this book is a very touching human story, with an added supernatural element.

  7. Agnes Milne says:

    I enjoyed reading this book. My favourite character was Mina because she was an animal lover. My favourite part was when the dad said that the toilet in the kitchen would make a good garden seat.

  8. astrigo says:

    This book is unique, amazing

  9. sconteh says:

    Skellig is an amazing book. I love the ending when they call her Joy. Skellig was first a man with wings and a hump. He didn’t really care about anything but after a while Skellig grew to an amazing person he turned into a angel.

  10. ozamprogna says:

    Skellig is a great book. I think it is quite mysterious because it doesn’t say very much about Skellig and his life, but that makes you want to keep reading the book even more! I’d recommend it to anyone!

  11. rsoares says:

    did someone die in the story or not

  12. Mr Milne says:

    Funny, tender, unique – Skellig is one of the most exotic creations you’ll ever come across. It is hard to say what exactly Skellig is ‘about’. I think it is one of those books that will mean something a little different to everyone who reads it. The book speaks of life and death, strength and frailty, love, belief, mystery and much else besides! I loved Skellig!

  13. dhogan says:

    I love the book Skellig. It is so amazing. It is about a family moving into a house and a little boy went into a cellar with his new friend and they find an old man who is very weak and can’t do much. But secretly he is an angel!

    1. edixonhitchcock says:

      I totally agree I love it when he turns into an angel and grows wings and when the baby gets better and they call her Joy . That bit almost made me cry.

  14. tbraganza says:

    Possibly the greatest book I’ve ever read. It seems like everything isn’t going Michael’s way but with his friends, he manages to turn it around.

  15. Erin Rees says:

    Brilliant book about the rather strange companion Michael finds in his garage , who helps him get through all his hardship . Really enjoyed this book , read it multiple times . I even went as Skellig for world book day ! Highly recommend.Erin

  16. dhogan says:

    Oh my goodness this book is a great book. Skellig is the main character who is found in the garage of a young boy’s new house! At first he has quite a shock. It is a brilliant book but I would recommend it for people from year 4 and up otherwise it would be a bit to scary for year 3 and under!

  17. nbentham says:

    I love this book. I would recommend it.

  18. mattellis says:

    A really great book. Very moving, scary and engaging throughout.
    Mr. Ellis

  19. edixonhitchcock says:

    This is an amazing book I have read it 5 times is is brilliant I would really recommend this book

  20. wmckenzieoneill says:

    its a good book if i could choose between a different book and this i would choose this.

  21. myeboahkodie says:

    Such a good book for seven and over you should read it to your youngers or elders if you are having a test or read a page before you go to bed the words are quite easy for smart people but people can learn the book is amazing. Marylyn 2GE

  22. cyeboahkodie says:

    I found this book literally amazing and I loved it when they introduced Skellig and when they mentioned that the baby has wings *SPOILERS*