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4 comments on “Skulduggery Pleasant

  1. thamilton says:

    This book is very good . Stephanie is a normal girl until Skullduggery Pleasant comes crashing through her door . Her life suddenly turns into throwing fireballs and manipulating air . I think this book is for ages 7 or 8. I have read many of the sequels and some of them are quite gory.

  2. jsnowdon says:

    This book is amazingly funny and exiting really good

  3. bwhite says:

    I have read this book and many of its sequels. They are really fun as most is the people have the ability to do some really cool magic where they can throw balls of fire and fly. It is quite gruesome so I wouldn’t recommend it to a -7 but I recommend it to all the people 8+ because it is really compelling once you start to get into it. Perfect book!

  4. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and my favourite chapter was definitely chapter 2 which is extremely funny.