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Stig of the Dump
Clive King

Action, adventure and romance

Barney meets an early Briton ‘caveman’ in a chalk quarry on his grandmother’s farm in Sussex: wild fantasy and adventure ensue – blurb to follow


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15 comments on “Stig of the Dump

  1. ejacobson says:

    I like when he falls down a hole

  2. gswan says:

    What will happen to the boy called Barney when he finds himself at the edge of the chalk pit? Can his new friend Stig help chase off burglars or go on a fox hunt? Find out when you read this story of a little boy and his mysterious friend Stig of the Dump.

  3. llincoln says:

    Barney meets a caveman and is first scared but ends up becoming friends with Stig of the dump [that’s the cave mans name].

  4. zbates says:

    This book, although slightly hard to start is incredible by the end. I always thought it amazing that stig could live in a dump and am maybe thinking of trying it myself someday!

  5. cburt says:

    I adore this book: It is so humorous.

  6. astrigo says:

    One word to describe this book:HILARIOUS ??

  7. efuller says:

    Stig of the Dump is a lively characterful book which made me laugh a lot

  8. tgray says:

    I liked the book but at the end I found it a bit boring. Still it is a great book and I like the fact that Barney just finds a cave man – in a dump.

  9. ibuglione says:

    Stig of the dump is cool fun adventures and a little smelly

  10. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I think this book is a brilliant story.
    I had read it at school but then I read it again.
    When barney falls into a chalk dump he meets a strange but wonderful man….

  11. tiwatafurlonger says:

    I read this book in year 3 but I still remember how good it is.I don’t have the book but I want to read it again because I don’t have much memories about it.

  12. cwilliams says:

    THis is the best book iv`e ever read since i was young as 5/4

  13. leldridge says:

    I love this book because Stig has an awesome cave that is like a childs fantasy and I think the description is so perfect that no one else can describe it, even as I am writing this I feel a tear in my eye . It is perfect for all and no one can dennie that . I can not find any more words to describe this wonderfull book.

  14. gwilsonlitt says:

    Stig of the dump is a really really good book. Its funny and sad.

  15. Mr Milne says:

    To me this book was a fascinating combination of many things. It mixed up time by intermingling ancient and modern. It took the reader away from frantic, complicated, modern day life in the city to the calm and slow pace of the Sussex countryside in the 1960s. And yet still it contained so much truly startling action: a savage caveman, a wild horse chase, an encounter with an escaped leopard, a car crashing down into a chalk pit. A unique book.