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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Joan Aiken

Action, adventure and romance

Gothic adventure in a period of English history that never happened and when the country was ravaged by wolves that had migrated through the newly-opened Channel Tunnel – blurb to follow


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13 comments on “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

  1. claque says:

    This book is rather good but it isn’t my favourite . when Sylvia goes to her cousin Bonny because her aunt is to old she is taught by miss Slighcarp ,a mean lady who sends them to a orphan school. They are not treated well so ,with the help of a friend they escape .

  2. llincoln says:

    I love this book; it is full of excitement.

  3. astrigo says:

    This book is full of adventures not to mention the excitement of the fabulous.

  4. ozamprogna says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book because it is very exciting and full of adventures! It has a very unexpected ending and even though the girls have a tough time while their parents are away, it all turns out all right! I love the way the writer describes the story because it makes it sound like this period in history actually existed, and that’s pretty impressive. I’d recommend this book to anyone!

  5. nbentham says:

    This book is about two girls who run away from their governesse Miss Slighcarp.I really enjoyed reading this book it is full of surprises and adventure.I loved reading this book and it has a very unexpected ending.

  6. obates says:

    Absolutely amazing! I love love love this book and my favourite character is Bonnie, I love the way she is so determined and bold even though she is kind hearted. When I went away I wanted to read it so badly that I used my pocket money to buy a copy even though I had it at home. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who can read chapter books on their own.

  7. dmccormack says:

    i liked the wolves of willoughby chase but i think that the name is bad

  8. apriechenfried says:

    Although lot’s of people love this book I wasn’t a big fan of it. I do think it was a good book it just wasn’t my style. It had lot’s of description it still didn’t come to my satisfaction, so if you’re like me don’t read it.

  9. Mr Milne says:

    This was a real page turner. Packs of ravenous wolves running through a tunnel built under the sea from France 200 years ago (the book is set in an alternative history of England that never happened) were especially fantastic – but I was quite sure that Miss Slighcarp would end up being eaten by the wolves and a bit disappointed when she wasn’t! The book has a memorable last sentence: ‘And though the house [Willoughby Hall] had witnessed many strange scenes, wolf hunts and wine-drinking and weddings and wars, it is doubtful whether during its whole history any of its inmates had had such adventures as those of Sylvia and Bonnie Green.’ So, you must want to read those adventures, surely…

  10. tbraganza says:

    I quite liked this book but not amazing. I didn’t like how the wolves were just kind of lurking in the background and it was mostly the governess doing the dirty work.

  11. cyeboahkodie says:

    I really liked this book. It was really amazing when Simon made an escape for Bonnie and I forgot the other girls name. Also when the wolves came through the tunnels to England.

  12. ggonzalezalzate says:

    It was surprising when I finish this book I liked to much I give to this 5 stars?????

  13. ebarrett says:

    This book was one of the best books I have ever read in my life. I recommend it to anyone who is able to read chapter books alone. I would happily read this again but first I have to read all my other books.