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Watership Down
Richard Adams

Animals and nature

A colony of rabbits leaves their beloved warren when it is threatened by humans and flooding.   A journey of adventure awaits…

Omari Theuss, 6JP (2016)


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7 comments on “Watership Down

  1. mgregory says:

    I really like water ship down but I still think that this could be better but I still like it because it is a good book

  2. ibuglione says:

    When I first read this book I was touched about how the rabbits get on. I was on the verge of tears when holly came back and told them about the destroyed burrow.

  3. Mr Milne says:

    Richard Adams, the author, says that this book has no deep messages and is ‘just a story about rabbits’. And yet as well as being a brilliant and epic adventure story about rabbits, the book explores many huge themes and ideas. The rabbits are given human characteristics of thought and language but retain a rabbit’s physical abilities – the author draws his information from a classic study of rabbit behaviour written by the Welsh naturalist Ronald Lockley, The Private Life of the Rabbit. There is evocative and beautiful description of Watership Down in Hampshire, where the book is set, and the surrounding areas. Watership Down has been dubbed ‘Male Chauvanist Rabbits’ by some critics, but I enjoyed it too much to even start to think about this…

  4. astrigo says:

    This book is touching and sad but very well written.

  5. hwunsche says:

    Its really sad but in the end it is happy.:)

  6. tbraganza says:

    This book is probably the most beautiful book I have ever read. It is really sad when Holly comes and says what it was like in the destroyed burrow. I was almost crying!???

  7. jlaidlaw says:

    Reading at home: so good and clever.