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The Adventures of Tintin: The Castafiore Emerald

Action, adventure and romance

When Bianca Castafiore makes an unexpected visit at Marlinspike Hall (Captain Haddock’s country house), her emerald goes missing and it’s up to Tintin to find it.

Christian, 6AF (2016)


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28 comments on “The Adventures of Tintin: The Castafiore Emerald

  1. fachermann says:

    This book is awesome and I would totally recommend it (same with all Tintin books really.)

  2. Annabel Pickstone says:

    I like this book, it made me laugh when Captain Haddock fell down the stairs.

  3. jsnowdon says:

    Very good book awesome read

  4. fsemenkov says:

    Tintin comes to the rescue (as always)This book is really funny.

  5. rtensue says:

    This book was avanturous and good

  6. jhawkes says:

    I like this book because it’s full of wonderful adventures of tin tin and his friends

  7. tluppi says:

    I like this book because at the beginning it makes you think that the gypseys are the thieves, and the Police think so as well.

    I also LOVE Polly.

  8. jmitchell says:

    A story of adventure and mysterious quests.He has a great soul full of energy and excitement.

  9. ldavidson says:

    This is a very good book about a detective who needs to stop some bandits from stealing a priceless artefact.

  10. llincoln says:

    Tintin saves the day again. It is really funny and I loved it.

  11. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    This is a must book and series if you like asterix

  12. ecoyle says:

    It is hilarious and it is a quick read but a good one.

  13. mmaccallumhall says:

    An adventurous funny book suitable for many ages.

  14. aharper says:

    I like this book because lots of bits are funny

  15. astrigo says:

    This comic is a gripping mystery.A comic you can simply not put down.

  16. wmortensen says:

    I like Tintin because it is scary and funny. I like it because his adventures are all over the world.

  17. kmorris says:

    This book was adventureres because it was good

  18. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I think this comic is funny and amusing but also not the same as a usual Tintin which has guns and things but this has… MONEY/emeralds really.

  19. faboulian says:

    An action packed book and comic that will hook you in and wont let go you till you have read every line. Its one of the books that are so well written you can predict the next bit.

  20. fmckenzieoneill says:

    ohhhhhh,Tintins back and better than ever before.One of my favourite ever comics how did Herge ever think of this amazing series of books.

  21. Mr Milne says:

    The Castafiore Emerald is not a typical Tintin adventure because (1) the whole thing takes place in Captain Haddock’s country residence Marlinspike Hall, (2) nothing much happens, and (3) Tintin’s not much involved. It is still pretty funny. It’s basically a comedy of manners and I especially enjoyed Captain Haddock – on the verge of a nervous breakdown, after suffering endless injuries and indignities – trying and usually failing to endure or escape the attentions (and singing) of Bianca Castfiore and her vicious parrot. That said, I think I prefer some of Tintin’s other adventures where he takes on criminal low-life around the world.

  22. cwitchell says:

    tin tin books are comics with long fascinating stories. they always make me want to read more.

  23. fthomas says:

    i love this comic and i’m so happy I it got added

    . .
    ( – )
    _ _

  24. fkirkwood says:

    This book is garateed to make laugh your head off!

  25. madom2 says:

    The Castafiore Emerald is a great Tintin book

  26. lrowden says:

    a funny comic book tintin has a dog called snowy.

  27. tbraganza says:

    I enjoyed this book because of its mildly funny nature. It’s good that we have comics on the list.

  28. akeigher says:

    Have you ever read a Tin Tin book? If you haven’t then where have you been?!