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The Boy in the Dress
David Walliams


I live in an ordinary house in an ordinary street in an ordinary town and go to an ordinary school.  One day everything changed…

Ella Barrett, 5CM (2016)


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163 comments on “The Boy in the Dress

  1. rwalusimbi says:

    Its a good book when Dennis gets sent to detention for kicking a tennis ball in the principals office and he saw a girl which was 2yrs older than Dennis but she changed Dennis’s life……………………….

  2. rwalusimbi says:

    I’ve started the book and it’s good and funny about the dad being fat .

  3. amitchell says:

    I think this is a good book and the message is that you can dress how you want

  4. amacarthur says:

    I like the boy in the dress because he does not care what they say about him he stays true to him self.and the shop keeper gets fulled🤩😎

  5. nwaters says:

    I like the boy in the dress because his dress is very very funny and the book is exciting

  6. hdevlinbarry says:

    I’m not a big fan of this book because it is not the best book but it’s ok

    This is not my favourite book because It needs to be more interesting for me

  7. jreed says:

    I enjoyed this book because I found it very interesting because there is a boy in a dress and I think it is good because it is not a girl that always wheres a dress

  8. skirkwood says:

    It was quite good because I liked the bit when he got caught pretending to be a girl.

  9. dbaribumpe says:

    it is so funny anybody can read it is amazing the sad part I when he gets expelled from school

  10. ograham says:

    This is an easy-read yet has a lot of colour. David Walliams is not my favourite author although this book has a story and a moral that a lot of people -young and old – need to learn. you are your own person and can be what you want.