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The Boy in the Dress
David Walliams


I live in an ordinary house in an ordinary street in an ordinary town and go to an ordinary school.  One day everything changed…

Ella Barrett, 5CM (2016)


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153 comments on “The Boy in the Dress

  1. cburt says:

    I love the many unpredictable humorous events that occur in this brilliant book.

  2. mrothwellstopps says:

    It’s about a boy who lives in a ordinary house on a ordinary road in a ordinary school and one day something changes completely…………

  3. tbarkar says:

    I like this book because Dennis doesn’t want to wear his school uniform and dresses up as Denise. I wonder why his Mum left. Also, I can see all the pictures very bright and clear in my head.

  4. swood says:

    I really enjoyed this book because Dennis ( an ordinary boy who lives in an ordinary house on an ordinary street in an ordinary town) goes through a lot of hardships yet he pulls through and doesn’t give up hope.

  5. zbates says:

    I liked it because when they went into the changing rooms in normal clothes and came charging out in dresses it was really funny.

  6. fives says:

    Dennis feels difront but when he buys Vouge an new world is opened to him.

  7. kdouglaslodge2 says:

    i love this book because it’s just funny and exciting!

  8. edixonhitchcock says:

    Boy in the dress is a brilliant book that shows you that you can be anything you want to be.
    especially if you want to wear a dress…

  9. smohamed says:

    This book will make you laugh your socks of??????

  10. gbrown2 says:

    The boy in the dress is funny because it has a lots of great funny characters in it ?

  11. keley says:

    Nice because I like Roldal? books because he writes embarrassing moments!?

  12. ibuglione says:

    Ow no I have already reviewed this book

  13. fhusbands says:

    I think the boy in the dress is rearly funy because it is about a boy that uore a dress to footboll.

  14. zratcliffe says:

    I think this book is really sick and brilliant because its hilarious

  15. hcookson says:

    It is verry funy because thay wher dresis

  16. bplowman says:

    I think it is a great book because it is a bunch of comedy. My favourite bit is when they are coming out from half time in the match they come out in dresses! Great book!

  17. wdixonhitchcock says:

    it is verry funy because they play football in a dress

  18. gbrown2 says:

    the boy in the dress is a really funny because it has boy in a dress.

  19. wmortensen says:

    The boy in the dress is funny because the boy wore a dress to a football game. He was not allowed to go. When he came everybody shouted.

  20. aidoniboye says:

    This is a brilliant book that tells you that boys and girl can do anything, they just have to put their minds to it

  21. faboulian says:

    The boy in dress is a brilliant book that full of humour. It’s about a boy who goes to school in a dress one day and is not accepted by anyone except his friend. Funny,sad and adventorous.

  22. astrigo says:

    this is a fantastic book which proves that even boys care about fashion and they can wear dresses. 🙂

  23. pfigueroasheldon says:

    The boy in The dress is about a young lad named Dennis.
    Dennis loves the Vogue, one day in detention Dennis meets the girl of his dreams and they do a daring thing…

  24. swebster says:

    This book really touched my heart its funny but sad at times.You almost want to reach in the book and give him a helping hand when you read it but then you stop reading and turn the corner in to reality. Dennis has lost his mum is no longer allowed to talk about her. His house goes stale and he feels like life is over then one day he decides to try on a dress and discovers he has a passion. His dreams were first torn apart when his mum left and his dad stopped watching him play but now he got another career this secret last , will he get past his headmaster when he has a secret of his own but most importantly will he thrive as ‘The boy in the dress.’

  25. ibuglione says:

    I love the way that in this book it shoes children that you can where whatever you like and it doesnt matter what gender you are

  26. cwilliams says:

    This is the best and happiest adventure story I’ve read since I was about 5 years old –

  27. tconteh says:

    this book is very is mixed emotion because so many good and bad things happen but one day things took a terrible turn.

  28. aharper says:

    This book is a great book I really enjoyed it. I think children should read this in recipical reading. I do not think I could live with out this book.
    I also think it is slightly funny. I like both the aother and the illistrater.

  29. Agnes Milne says:

    I didn’t particularly like this book but I liked it when all of his friends wore dresses.

  30. mmaccallumhall says:

    I read this a while ago but I can still remember how entertaining it was to read . David Walliams can convey comedy in even the most serious thinks like equality between different genders. It is a good role model for younger children as it shows the if you are a boy you can were or do “girls” stuff.

  31. tgray says:

    Dennis lives with his dad and his older brother and without his mum he has lost his courage to be a professional footballer. Then he makes friends with this girl and Dennis can express who he wants to be.

  32. tcarpenter says:

    David Walliams book boy in the dress is a fantastic book with so much comedy I loved this book it’s awesome

  33. myislam says:

    i really injoyed this book and also i thought it weas a really funny and intresting book.

    1. alamido says:

      same here great comedy book

  34. famin says:

    this book represents i think all things about exquality for boys and girls and everyone should to do want they want or what they wear their should be no rule about this and thats why i like this book how it stands up to things like bullying or sexisim. I reccomend this book to anyone who hasnt heard or who’s interested.

  35. ateweldegebreyesus says:

    this book is a very intresting book and a really funny book

  36. obates says:

    Hilarious and yet very heartwarming

  37. rboyd says:

    This book shows that you can wear what you want and you should not be teased.AND this book is just really good I it

  38. cnash says:

    I`ve read this book and seen the film

    1. eswayne says:

      i think this book is great it shows that u be or do anything u want(except for bad things);0

  39. ebrown says:

    The Boy in the Dress is about a boy in a ordinary town who isn’t as ordinary as he looks but when he comes to school in a dress and pretends to be a girl-what could go wrong right-he is in for the biggest adventure in his l,ife

  40. fsmith says:

    This is a very funny book well I guess all David Walliams books are very funny. The character Raj and the dinner lady which is played by himself David Walliams are the most funniest of all the characters.

  41. lfriel says:

    This book is full of laughter and joy but is quite crazy you may be asking for a description or a blurb but read this book to find out what its all about.

  42. esampson says:

    A boy whose parents are divorced loves dressing as girls. One day he takes it to far and dresses up as a girl at school. He gets discovered and then gets expelled by his headmaster Mr Hawtrey who has a secret of his own.

  43. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I liked this book because it’s about a boy who acts like a girl.He wears dresses and skirts.Very very funny!

  44. ltebaldi says:

    I loved it because its not alway funny and its got amazing words for school.The book is a bit shocking and has a lot of shouting

  45. ltebaldi says:

    I loved it because its not alway funny and its got amazing words for school.The best bit is the football bit

  46. mrobinprevallee says:

    I loved it because its so funny

  47. jewan says:

    It was quite funny because I have never seen a boy in a dress

  48. wsimwogerere says:

    I like this book because it shows you can be anything you want to when you grow up it doesn’t matter what others think about it just what you think about your decision.

  49. odiwan says:

    I like this book because it shows that boys and girls can be whoever they want.I found it really funnyy

  50. vmendoza says:

    And he goes to Raj’s shop every day