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The Boy in the Dress
David Walliams


I live in an ordinary house in an ordinary street in an ordinary town and go to an ordinary school.  One day everything changed…

Ella Barrett, 5CM (2016)


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153 comments on “The Boy in the Dress

  1. lnalubwama says:

    this book is really funny book.Life went hard when his mum died especially his dad got depressed but one day,everything changed he dressed up as a boy and got suspended and his dad was upset,stressed and had nothing to do with his sons school.if you haven’t read the book watch the movie.

  2. dbaribumpe says:

    this book is so funny and good my favroite part is when he put makup and the dress on and at the end when everybody wears a dress the saddest bit is when he gets expealed

  3. vmendoza says:

    It’s a really great story. But when he get caught as a girl he get suspended and his dad was so mad. If you watch the movie get the book. Or if you’ve read the book watch the movie.

  4. jhawkes says:

    I’m I fan of this book because it funny when he looks like a girl!!!

  5. jdonaldson says:

    This book is really funny as the boys mum and dad insist on him wearing a dress?.

  6. egrant says:

    This book is really funny and I would recommend it for anyone

  7. lnecea says:

    This book is really funny and is a great story! My favourite part was when the girl kept on insisting the boy to wear a dress for a dare!!!????

  8. lnecea says:

    This book is a funny book and when I read it I always chuckle! My favourite part is when the boy wears the dress!!!!????

  9. rmundle says:

    I like this book because the boy is in a dress.

  10. hcookson says:

    I liked this book because it was very fun when they were wearing dresses and my favourite character was Dennis. I also liked the coach in the team because he was very funny and was always asking if they won.

  11. gwilsonlitt says:

    It combineds two really fun things. Football and books.??⚽️⚽️

  12. shopwood says:

    This is one of my favourite books EVER!!!!!!!!!It is about a boy who loves football and he meets a girl and she encouraged him to wear a dress

  13. emcinerney says:

    The boy in the dress is one of my favourite books because it is really funny and makes me laugh.The book is about an ordinary boy that becomes friends with a girl and starts to get interested in fashion and ends up wearing a dress to school and gets into loads of trouble with his headmaster even though the headmaster dresses up on the weekend as a girl himself.

  14. Zak Holden Gregory says:

    The boy in the dress is a very good book it is about a boy who goes to school and meets a girl and persuades him to be a girl and wears a dress but one day he got found out and got himself expelled.

  15. schatzinikolaou says:

    The boy and the dress is a great book and a funny also it great to read it and enjoy

    1. Ms Fee says:

      This was the first David Walliams book I’ve read! Yes, it is a funny one!

  16. csimmons says:

    This is a interesting book about a boy in the dress

  17. Ms Fee says:

    Unbelievably, this was my first David Walliams book! A really fun read, with the added bonus of illustrations by Quentin Blake. I enjoyed the characters, because I think we all know people just like them!) and I liked the way Walliams speaks directly to the reader – it add some really funny commentary! After seeing so many of the children in my class enjoying Walliams’ books, I’m glad I’ve finally read one!

  18. sanderson says:

    I liked the part when he was playing football and he was in a dress because it was really funny and I think they should make a movie of it ?

  19. aosman says:

    its interesting and eventful

  20. aosman says:

    it is a hilarious book

  21. lgrillorodriguez says:

    This is about a boy who loves football but reads fashion magazine but he didn’t want end one to find out and goes to school in a dress.

  22. mpatten says:

    This a book about a boy who dares to be different and befriends a girl who teaches him to love dresses! I love this book because its really funny and interesting. I really recommended this!!

  23. areidwright says:

    Good because it shows that there’s no girls or boys things

  24. lbailie says:

    i like this book because it shows that boys can were dresses it is just they don’t want to.

  25. hwunsche says:

    I liked this book because it was quite funny and it was a great book.

  26. fpatten says:

    This a great and funny book with boy passionate about football and of course dresses . I recommend this book to anyone who likes David Williams

  27. redwards says:

    This book is about a boy who doesn’t like wearing boys clothes and loves wearing dresses.

  28. rfrench says:

    Dennis lives in an ordinary house,he goes to an ordinary school,he plays for an ordinary football team but somehow he is extraordinary.

  29. areidwright says:

    Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. risaacs says:

    I liked this book because it is good that a boy isn’t embarrassed about wearing a girls clothes.

  31. kdouglaslodge says:

    The book is funny because you wouldn’t expect a boy in a dress.

  32. rfrench says:

    Have you ever wondered how people are just too strict on what you wear? This is what Dennis thinks when his adventure starts at detention!

  33. dreynolds says:

    I read this book before but it was about 2 to 3 years ago and I can’t remember what it is like!!!But I do remember it’s a fantastic book and I would recommend it

  34. claque says:

    The boy in the dress is about a football player who befriends a girl and decides to go to school in a dress. This leads to a lot of trouble but with the help of his friends all the trouble is finally resolved. I like the book because the headmaster of the school is very strict but sometimes even he puts on a skirt. My favourite character in William’s books is Raj, the newsagent who tries to sell you chocolate out of date and has a great humour

  35. abrooks says:

    It was really good because you did not what was going to happen next and it was funny!!!!!! Also I like the bit where he dressed up and fooled Raj and then Raj tried to do it to him!!!

  36. mchangbrown says:

    I love this book because it is really funny and entertaining.I recommend this book to people who like funny books.My favourite part is when he dresses up in a girl dress.

  37. tluppi says:

    Nice book- Very anti sexist!

  38. rhirt says:

    This is a very funny book that is saying that boys and girls can wear whatever they want.

  39. bdavies says:

    Such a funny book and this David Walliams book is probably my favourite.

  40. fsmith says:

    In this book I really like the fact that he’s not afraid to do dress up how he likes

  41. mjohnson2 says:

    I really like this book because it is very funny. My favourite part is when he dresses up as a girl and goes to school like that. I recommend this book for people who like comedy books

  42. ltebaldi says:

    I love it because he goes to a magazine shop with a crazy shop keeper .?
    He goes to school with a dress and then plays a football game with it on.

  43. glincoln says:

    I like this book because it is about a boy who plays football and loses his mum. His friend’s mum is embarrassing on the football pitch.

  44. llincoln says:

    This book is about an ordinary boy……until his life starts to change. It shows that boys and girls have rights to do the same things.

  45. imeager says:

    Funny , lovely everything

  46. rrostam2 says:

    I love this book and all of David Williams other books they always make me laugh

  47. ecoyle says:

    This is such a good book to read when you want a funny story to make you lol!?

  48. cwitchell says:

    This is a great book because he plays football in a dress.

  49. ahooper says:

    Another amazing David walliams book.
    This story is about a boy named Dennis as ordinary as anything but then he meets Lisa,a trouble making stylish girl that teaches him boys and girls are not all

  50. sgarvey says:

    A really funny book that shows that girls and boys can do the same things.?
    Raj’s shop has very funny ? but stupid offers.
    My fave chapter is called fat dad.
    Suitable for 5 and upwards.
    Why were boots for football when you can were a dress ? and trick your teacher .